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Department of Defense

Department of Defense Manuals and Regulations

2000.12-H       Protection of DOD Personnel Against Terrorist
2055.3-D        Manning of Security Assistance Organizations
                nd the Selection and Training of Security
                ssistance Personnel
5105.38-M       Security Assistance Management Manual
5132.3-D        DOD Policy and Responsibilities Relating to
                Security Assistance

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Joint Chiefs of Staff Publications

JCS Pub 0-2 [Ed. - If you can get this document, let us know!] Unified Action Armed Forces JCS Pub 1-02 Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms JCS Pub 3-0 [Ed. - We can't get to this one either!] Doctrine for Joint Operations JCS Pub 3-07 Doctrine for Joint Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict JCS Pub 5-02.4 Joint Operations Planning System (JOPS), Vol. IV (Crisis Action Procedures)

Department of the Army

Army Regulations (ARs)

AR 12-15 Joint Security Assistance Training AR 380-13 Acquisition and Storage of Information Concerning Nonaffiliated Persons and Organizations AR 525-13 The Army Terrorism Counteraction Program

Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA PAMs)

DA PAM 27-1 Treaties Governing Land Warfare DA PAM 27-1-1 Protocols to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 DA PAM 190-52-1 Personnel Security Precautions Against Acts of Terrorism

Field Manuals (FMs)

FM 19-15 Civil Disturbances FM 19-30 Physical Security FM 19-40 Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees and Detained Persons FM 27-2 Your Conduct in Combat under the Law of War FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare FM 31-20(C) Special Forces Operations (U) FM 31-24 Special Forces Air Operations FM 33-1 Psychological Operations FM 34-1 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations FM 34-3 Intelligence Analysis FM 34-60A(S) Counterintelligence Operations (U) FM 41-10 Civil Affairs Operations FM 46-1 Public Affairs FM 90-2 Tactical Deception FM 90-8 Counterguerrilla Operations FM 90-10 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) FM 100-1 The Army FM 100-5 Operations FM 100-10 Combat Service Support FM 100-26 The Air-Ground Operations System FM 100-27 USA/USAF Doctrine for Joint Airborne and Tactical Airlift Operations FM 100-37 Terrorism Counteraction FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations

Department of the Air Force

Air Force Manuals (AFMs)

AFM 1-1 Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the United States Air Forces AFM 2-1 Tactical Air Operations-Counter Air, Close Air Support, and Air Interdiction AFM 2-2 Tactical Air Operations in Conjunction with Amphibious Operations AFM 2-4 Tactical Air Force Operations-Tactical Airlift AFM 2-6 Tactical Air Operations-Reconnaissance AFM 2-36 Search, Rescue, and Recovery Operations AFM 2-50 USA/USAF Doctrine for Joint Airborne and Tactical Airlift Operations AFM 2-53 Doctrine for Amphibious Operations AFM 3-2 Tactical Bare Base Operating Manual

Air Force Regulations (AFRs)

AFR 1-2 Assignment of Responsibilities for Development of Aerospace Doctrine

Department of the Air Force Pamphlets

AFP 110-31 International Law-The Conduct of Armed Conflict and Air Operations AFP 110-34 Commander's Handbook on the Law of Armed Conflict