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The War Inevitable - Patrick Henry.
America's Enemies - Internal Divism.

Information and Policies

Daniel Pouzzner's Page. This is a best-of-the-best page. His The Architecture of Modern Political Power is absolutely the best-researched and best written and most amazingly documented World Government Conspiracy resource available. See the case for a conspiracy towards an emerging Transnational Corporate Feudalism society, whether you like it or not, he makes a pretty good case.

Actually, it's moved. The old link is retained as a reference. The new site should be Daniel Pouzzner's Page and the Architecture of Modern Political Power.
An Appraisal of Technologies for Political Control. Absolutely invaluable. Read it and weep.
Army Training Digital Library.
Citizens' Rule Book Jury Handbook. Invaluable. A bit more scripturally-oriented than I myself like, but the index to the Constitution alone is worth anything else in this.
Minuteman Press.
Spy & Counterspy. A lovely little source for resistance.
A resource of Gun-related law.

Please also see this local mirror of:

US Army Training Manual: Low-Intensity Conflicts
US Army Training Manual: Terrain Analysis
US Army Training Manual: Urban Warfare

Be Prepared - Your enemy is!

Have you heard of The War?

It's going on, all around you, if you're anywhere near any city of any concievable importance.

Loyal Patriots should be aware that there has been, for at least two years, an ongoing effort by foreign adventurers to infiltrate and assume political or organizational control of truly North American civil-defensive or militia units. There is a clear and demonstrated effort to secure ownership and control of InterNet Backbone systems. Secure alternative communications resources now. Take advantage of the InterNet while you may -- but rest assured that one day you will wake up and the InterNet will be gone and when you blame the government, nothing could suit the foreign enemy better than your misdirected rage.

Keep this always in mind as you organize, or plan. Remember - for the enemy, a discredited Militia or Civil Defence/Defence-Civil is an asset, and an infiltrated or co-opted Militia or Civil Defence/Defence-Civil is not only a asset, but a weapons esconced in the vitals of the objective - North America.

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