Copyright (c) (copr) 1996 all rights reserved by TJH Internet SP and Earth Operations Central. Be forewarned: This page contains substantial paranoia. The only question is: In this world in which we live, is this paranoia justified? Well, to some degree it may well be - as Senator John Glenn notes in this speech introducing S.193-97, requiring, for the first time informed consent in human experimentation. Seems that at present there is no law against it. See also, as it develops, the Human Experimentation Page.

And yes - I do subscribe to "Conspiracy Theories". (guffaw)

Mind Control
Please see this page on Mind Control from the Washington Post.

Man is this scary! Please follow this link to the Mind-Control Forum. There are people here with MRI images of what they believe to be very hightech brain implants, links to the chilling technical mindcontrol archives regarding the developments of Dr Jose Delgado, the pioneer of radio-controlled electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB). This is terrifying stuff, which was developed in the 1950s, and might well have been considerably refined by now. In 1957 or so, Dr. Delgado was able to use radio control ESB to stop a charging bull in its tracks.

Also please see the Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control . Links galore, and they're getting pretty activist.

Here's another page of human experimentation weirdness. And since it is written by another victim of mindcontrol, don't expect it to make all that much sense - unless you read between the lines. Try America's Line: Exposing the U.S. Army,CIA,ZION Conspiracy, pictures and documents, celebrities. Or maybe this belongs on my Weirdness Page.

While on the Subject of Mind-Control
Martin Cannon, in the course of researching tales of UFO abductions, found his research course redirected. His conclusion: That memories of UFO abduction were simply false memories implanted by completely-human clandestine mind-control researchers. Full of fun facts about what your taxes are supporting, and how your fellow taxpayers have been abducted from their own homes at night by agents of their own governments, in peacetime, without warrants or informed consent, and have been subjected to spychosurgery, hypnosis, in-depth chemical interviews, implantations with experimental technology, and in general turned into complete wrecks. Well, I guess that everyone accepts that innocent Americans have to pay the price so that we can try this technology out on hostile assets... though I'm sure it's a little harder to get to hostile assets than to reach unsuspecting unprotected Americans who are counting on these people to protect them, not turn them into unwitting tools. Read all about it in Martin Cannon's The Controllers.

Mr. Cannon is now at work on a definitive treatise on the subject of mindcontrol, particularly as relates to MK-ULTRA-type projects. Here is an excerpt which deals with the historical antecedents. The section on The Assassins ("hasheesheen") is extremely enlightening.

This contains great deals of background on MK-ULTRA (see below) and also is intensely footnoted.

Tom Porter has an excellent resource on the subject of mindcontrol on his site, Deep Black Magic. For even more fascinating links to Cult mindcontrol, try looking at this list of Known Scientology Frontgroups. Then go up one directory to links to Frauds, Crimes and Alleged Crimes by Scientology. And here's a typical example of Cult Operations.

You can even try out this reference page to the 'Church' of Scientology. More information on mincontrol as practiced by assorted Cults is here. Also see the Big Brother section of the more-generic Weirdness Page.

Love, Espionage, and Weird Federal Dope
That's right, it's your money that paid for this, all through the Sixties, Seventies, and maybe even Eighties and Nineties. Yes, more MK-ULTRA. You'd be amazed at some of the fairly common chemicals which have historically been used to oppress people.

I'd have to say, follow this right now if you're remotely interested in project MK-ULTRA. This is sort of a background page for a novel I'll certainly buy. The background provides some excellent links. Don't miss it!

Also, in a totally-related vein, please see my own fictional account of potential messes created by MK-ULTRA technologies in the hands of certain segments of the public. Hopefully this won't start a fad or something, although it appears that it may have done so already. Or was this just parallel reporting of something that was bound to happen anyway? Please read Loaded, by yours-truly. And tell that weird spooky foreign-looking (or maybe unbelievably American-looking) guy behind you to get that amazingly transparent 18-inch Flexi-Straw (tm) straw full of Ketamine, Rohypnol, and Versed out of your nostril. Learn about Rohypnol, and why it must soon be relegated to Schedule I. Also learn more about the plant-source scopolamine from South America, Burundanga, a mind-control chemical if ever there was one.

Speaking of mind-control chemicals, try this part-time link wherein a psychiatrist discusses his take on the overuse of pharmaceuticals in the psychiatric industry.

E is for Ecstasy This is an interesting one, an online version on the history of 3,4-MDMA. Tracks therapeutic uses and issues. Great for a research source, very heavily footnoted, and also an excellent example of proper WWW implimentation of a reference book. The toxicology references are invaluable advice for anyone who's thinking of acquiring brain-lesions through non-clinical use of this psychotogenic methylated amphetamine.

Be sure to keep your eye out for people carrying and using what appear to be hair-thin gel injectors, evidently a hardened colloidal compound bearing interesting chemicals. Easily inserted through the skin of the elbows, shoulders or knees in surreptitious sleigh-of-hand moves, these things evidently soak up moisture and dissolve, leaving whatever was in them circulating around in your body. The rumor goes that these are an old psychiatrist's device used for sedating psychotics without having to use a regular syringe, which might be fought. Rumor also goes that these large numbers of this tech are being deliberately released to the underclasses by some unknown source, for purposes of disruption.

2001 -- belay that! Well, it could all be true, but we have reason to suspect that the technology in question is the unbelievably cheap and dangerous technology of chemically coated glass optical fiber. Unlike the plastic PVC version, the glass version is glass, cuts like glass, is damned near unbreakable, and cost $35.00 a mile. See also The Millenium War.

Of course this could all be salacious fear-mongering. Or maybe not.

Love & Espionage

Sorry, no love. Never could tell the difference between Love and Espionage, anyway.

But here's something on the subject of ancient Japanese Ninja Espionage. Here's a short-something about Business espionage. And there's the fashionable and cutting-edge world of Satellite Espionage. There's a pretty good generic spy page here. And here's a nice hobbyist's page. Here's another, very good, hobbyist's page.

What about hackers as spies?

And here is a link to Spookland.

No list of spookiness could be complete without mentioning a great list of sites dealing with this sort of thing, Sp00k Central. Really rather amazing.

Here's how I imagine (it is all my imagination isn't it? Of course it is. Under false accounts, I created all of these web-links, right?) infiltrators might be moving in on your hometown. Of course this is fiction, right? Wanna gamble on it? High-stakes only.

Note: - I have no way to authenticate any of the following. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Links to over 150 intelligence and counterintelligence assets on Internet. From Korea WebWeekly. It must be noted the Korea WebWeekly appears to have many linkages to the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" (North Korea).
A list of intelligence services.
Van Eck Monitoring of Low-Level computer emissions.
Monotoring used by FBI to catch a spy within the CIA is also here.
Electronic Operations against the Branch Dravidians in Waco, Texas.
Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.
Effects of microwaves on the human nervous system.
Purported experiments by the CIA to discover the effects of microwave radiation on the human mental process.
Research using both animals and human beings.
Non-lethal weapons.
Controlled Remote Viewing.
Unclassified CIA Document Archive.
"Communist Brainwashing".

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