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Worshipful Screen Goddesses
I admit it. I'm a guy. I think women are attractive. At least I think these women are attractive... and so do other guys. Here are links to their pages, mostly organized alphabetically.

Fairuza Balk. Absolutely lovely. Ms. Balk is exemplary of my pathetic weakness for women with black hair and blue or hazel eyes.
Milla Jovovich. Pretty pretty pretty! And what an actress. If you have a chance, go see her in the smash hit, The Fifth Element. Hey, it's got Bruce Willis too. What more could you want?
Hudson Leick. Very pretty, and she was such a great villain on the (yes, I actually watch it now and then, odd TV schedule in my town and nothing else is on) "Xena: Warrior Princess" series.
Julia Roberts. For some reason Ms Roberts has always impressed me. It's not just the few performances I've seen. I'm probably more impressed by her off-screen political ventures and the lack of any substantive dirt in her background - no grist for the tabloid mills I guess. Whenever I've seen any interviews, she was very calm, self-possessed and actually almost somber, very serious, alert and completely "un-dizzy". She's also been accepting a lot of roles which better showcase her talents as an actress than her physical charms. (I must add here that as of 2 June 1997, I just saw her interviewed on "Access Hollywood" and am under her spell. I must also add that in this interview she said she had just discovered the internet, and the interviewer asked her if she'd search for herself. She acted totally shocked when told that there were probably thousands of sites and scads of information, but seemed to take it in stride quite well. Another reason for respect.) Here's an interview-article.
Krista Allen. My goodness, isn't this former Miss Texas a lovely one!

See also assorted stars and starlets in my Images Repository. Please be warned, there may be some nudity. Children are advised to not look.

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