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UFO, Extraterrestrials & Aliens

First, please take a look at the experimental 1950 US Air Force vertical-takeoff concept craft, the Silver Bug.

You might also want to take a look at the Federal Bureau of Investigation "Unusual Phenomona" files which have been declassified and released to the public.

Some say and have said for some time that our Homeworld has been visited, or is being visited, by beings from other worlds. Whether those worlds lie, as some speculate, in orbits around other suns, or are worlds which are in universes which parallel our own universe, none seem to surely know. However, there is much speculation, and some of that speculation gets rather odd at times.

Some of the speculation is very good science, and played rather close to the vest. The best of such speculation tends to be called "science-fiction" and is a reputable literary form. However, as "truth about aliens" science-fiction has its limitations; it is after all intended to be fictional, though it might reflect otherworldly life as well or as accurately as mainstream-fiction reflects the realities of life on our own world. As fiction, it simply does not stand up to the tests of evidence.

Some of the speculation is rather inspired, but does not seem to be much more than speculation, or more frequently, outright fantasy. I will not list that on this page, but rather on my Weirdness Page. Some of the particularly-fantastic speculation assumes in the minds of some the status of divine inspiration, and such I relegate to my Cults Page.

Some of the speculation is backed to some degree with some evidence, though little of the direct evidence could be considered remotely to be incontrovertible. Most of the "evidence" tends to revolve around the fact that something is going on, and that the various national governments seem to know considerably more than they are willing to tell. However, with the level of deception at which most clandestine governmental or military agencies operate, this "evidence" is subject to a wide variety of interpretations. Much may be inferred into the characters of investigators when they seize upon some specific and unproven explanation for whatever pieces of evidence they may have collected.

It must be noted that a great deal of the "data" being passed around as "evidence" within the UFO research community is very old, usually dating from the period between the Second World War and the Korean Conflict, and a vast proportion of this "data" is anecdotal, hearsay, or is derived from derivations of inference revolving around mysterious dearths of data.

And so with these caveats, let's now take a look at the wonderful world of Alien Visitors.


Parlez-vous francais?
Big Science's "SETI@home" Page. These guys hope to us thousands of internet computers to examine data from the Aricibo radio-astronomy antenna, using distributed computing to speed the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.
The Black Vault.
Brian Zeiler's UFO Resources. Brian Zeiler is one of the most prolific and knowledgeable (if a tad wacky) folks on the net when it comes to UFOs and especially when it comes to documenting "government coverups". Give this a look-see, be prepared for _reams_ of information.
Jim's UFO Page. There's some interesting tidbits and reports here, and if you go up a page from this site, there's some Chupacabras and Bigfoot stuff that's pretty cool too.
Tres Bizarre!
Parascope! Fight The Conspiracy!
UFO Folklore.
UFOs and UFOlogy. Scott A. Munro's Page, with a lot of good articles.
Alberta UFO Research Association.
Ovi's World of the Bizarre.
Other Paranormal Links. This one is chock-full of UFO resources!
UFOs, Political Scams and Conspiracies. Lots of fairly weird stuff here, and lots of it's not exactly weird, but sort of apocryphal. There's Scientology stuff here as well as an interesting article about demonic deception of the militial Christian Right.
Watcher's Web of Conspiracy Page. - UFOs alien globalist government conspiracies unmasked!

New Age Weirdness and Obscure Spiritualities

Top of the list: The Sublime Lodge of the B:.B:.. Lots and lots of links to massive infestations of spiritual weirdness and assorted other obscurities. Also massive tie-in to assorted intelligence-agency hijinks, information suppression, long-term historical tie-ins of visitations by non-humans upon humans and much much more.
The Paranoid Conspiracy Cosmic Rapture 2000 Page. I think this one pretty much covers all possible approaches to weirdness. I fact, they make an extremely compelling case that UFOs and the antiChrist are not only in league, but may well be essentially the same, or different heads of the same Beast, as it were. I have no idea of whether or not any of this is intended to be taken seriously, but I think that my brain has just been infected by the Nam-Shub of Enki.

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