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Sitting around in one spot all of the time can be pretty tiresome. So you don't want to sit in one spot? Here's ways to go places.

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Regulatory: US Federal Aviation Administration. Safety databases, airports, air-traffic services, much more.
Alaska Airlines.
British Airways.
Delta Air Lines.
US Air.

Accessories and Equipment:
Arinc. Air-to-ground communications and related systems, positioning systems, etc.
Rockwell Avionics.



Manufacturers -

Chrysler Corporation
Ford Motor Company.
Navistar International Transport Corp makes and distributes large vehicles such as medium and heavy trucks, school busses, and diesel engine for the International® brands.
The Auto Channel.

Accessories and Equipment:
AlliedSignal Automotive is a leading manufacturer of both production and aftermarket automotive products. They're into turbocharging systems, friction materials, safety restraint systems, filters & spark plugs. They own Autolite, Bendix, and Fram, among other companies.
Cummins Engines does diesel, in all size and power ranges. Always an industry leader.
Johnson Controls, Inc. is a major suppliers of controls for the automotive industry, providing batteries, seating systems, interior systems.



Regulatory & Development
United States Department of Transportation (DOT).
The Volpe Transportation Center "is an organization within the U.S. Department of Transportation's Research and Special Programs Administration dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness of other Federal organizations with critical transportation-related functions and missions."
See Also - Transportation Resources from Princeton University.

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