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Medical Technology Vendors

Abbott Laboratories. Huge, and very innovative. From Dr. Abbott's original invention of "dosimetric granules" the firm has grown to become a leading provider of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic aids, nutritionals, etc.
Acuson, Inc. Makers of medical ultrasound imaging systems.
Analogic Corporation. Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI, NMRI), Ultrasound and other digital imaging. Also, they do analog-digital conversion, data telephony, and test-and-measurement.
Applied Medical Informatics, Inc. They make medical software and information systems.
BaxterHealth Care products.
Beckman Instruments, Inc. Biomedical/chemical-analysis instrumentation and systems. They have an excellent BioResearch Page.
Behring Diagnostics "a division of Hoechst, is an important competitor in worldwide immunodiagnostics, serum protein analysis, and coagulation. Behring Diagnostics, through Hoechst, completed its acquisition of Syva Co., on June 30, 1995, to form the expanded Behring Diagnostics global business, with headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Behring Diagnostics, Inc., the legal entity of Behring Diagnostics in the United States, is the leader is drugs-of-abuse testing in the US and is located in San Jose, California. "
BioHorizons. Primarily Dental implant technology and oral medicine.
Boehringer Mannheim BioChemicals.
Bristol-Myers Squibb. Pharmaceuticals, among other things.
Canon USA has a range of ocular imaging systems for retinal examinations.
SIMS Deltec " is a world leader in the manufacture of devices used in infusion therapy. Our CADD® ambulatory infusion pumps and PORT-A-CATH® implantable access systems are used in areas such as chemotherapy, pain management, antibiotic therapy and parenteral nutrition. "
Genentech, Inc. Who ya wanna mutate today? Hey! Be kind to your neighbors, even though they be transgenic chimerae. Don't forget to Take a Bite of Biotech before you leave. Ack, not that one, that was experimental. Um, you feel okay?
General Health System. A nice selection of links, if evidently mostly in-house.
GenSci Regeneration Sciences, Inc. GenSci's corporate vision is to be the leading biotech provider of new generation osteoinductive technologies.
HBO & Co, a heathcare solutions company that provides medical technology, especially information systems.
HealthCare Compare. Not yet functional, I'll check back in a bit.
Hoechst - Division Pharmaceuticals. One of the three largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, their product list looks like a who's who of modern medicine.
Johnson & Johnson."Johnson & Johnson, with approximately 89,500 employees, is the world's largest and most comprehensive manufacturer of health care products serving the consumer, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and professional markets. Johnson & Johnson has 170 operating companies in 50 countries around the world, selling products in more than 175 countries "
Kaiser Permanente Southern California.
Kodak Health Imaging. A huge array of photographic and imaging products are produced by Kodak, and they have a wide variety of medical imaging systems and image-management systems.
Eli Lilly & Company. Pharmaceuticals.
McKesson Corp a provider of healthcare products and services to pharmacies, healthcare organizations and hospitals in the US and in Canada.
MedComm, Inc., "world-wide medical communications." They claim to be filtering the internet for the medical profession, which might or might not be a good idea. They do have an excellent online-medical resources page.
Medtronic, Inc. Makers of implantable pacemakers, cardiac replacement valves, implantable-drug-delivery systems, etc. They also were the pioneers of screw-in transvenous leads for pacemaker electrodes.
Merck. Includes online Merck Manual!
Millipore Corporation. Makers of filtration devices for the medical, chemical and biological laboratory community, they have some of the finest filtration equipment on the market.
Pfizer. Pharmaceuticals.
Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. "Nobody gets medicine into the system faster." Pharmaceutical testing, etc.
Picker. Very large distributor of radiological supplies and accessories. Also service and technology management, medical imaging and interpretation systems.
Philips Medical Systems. X-Ray, Computed Tomography, etc.
Roche, the pharmaceutical giant.
Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc..
United Health Care.

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