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Sovereignity and UltraNationalism
Links will be added as they are collected. This is one of my few pages where they will not be added as I see fit, but as I see them. I may not approve of someone's politics, but by God in a free country, I will do my best to see that all sides are heard. In this I am not alone, take a look at Election '96, from the Arizona Star.

Some of the ideas linked herein are, in my opinion, almost reasonable, but often attached to mentation which borders or occasionally surpasses extreme proactive paranoia. Oddly enough, I think that much of that paranoia is justified, but perhaps not for the reasons stated by those who espouse these belief systems. Fortunately, these most-vocal members of the militia and sovereignity movements are not really that representative of the majority of the movements, no matter that the liberal media would have you believe otherwise.

I'm not entirely sure whether or not I particularly subscribe to anyone else's delusional system, my own is pretty obscure. I'm also not entirely sure whether or not, given the situation in Washington DC, these people are crazy on their own, or are being driven to madness by internal dissidence-suppression crews, in an effort to discredit AmericaNationalism, the Sovereignity Movement, and other anti-One-World-Order movements. As for the One World Order folks, ever wonder how they'd operate?

Illegal Immigration

As for the major and inarguable threat now facing America, take a look at -

The No More Illegals Page, from a San Diegan. Seems some 3,000 illegals per day are jumping the border in this guy's home town.

Voice of Citizens Together, a California group dedicated to exposing The Migration, an insurgency of illegal aliens dedicated to recapturing the southwest United States for the "La Raza Nation of Aztlan".
American Patrol, a project of Voices of Citizens Together.
See also The AmericaNationalist Anti-Racist TechnEco Front Manifesto, by yours truly. Also please see my Rant on Globalism. Definitely a Rant and definitely on Globalism.
Global Feudalism
Memorandum of Law - History, Force and Effect of the Land Patent. This is a great and fairly scholarly paper which discusses ownership of land back to feudal times, particularly as regards land-title relating to personal soveregnity.

Geneva Convention (I) for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field.

General Democracy Issues
Arms and Freedom.
The Constitution Society.
Constitutionalist Party. "The Constitutionalist Party seeks to improve America and preserve the freedoms of the people by supporting a closer adherence to the Constitution as well as promoting ideas and policies that will realistically improve the state of human freedom in the United States."
Constitution of the Iroquois Nations. This is a fascinating document. It provides a workable framework for governance at peace within the group, with surrounding groups, and also for peace with the land. Their laws of inheritance are particularly noteworthy, particularly as regard the rights of women and the responsibilities of men.
Ralph Nader's Concord Principles. This is a prime example of (in my humble opinion) good democratic principles for a modern age. Actually it's damned fine political thought.

General US Militia and US Second Amendment Issues

Guns, 2nd Amendment, Militias. A fairly amazing links page. It damned-near covers it all.
Freedom's Last Stand. Some inspirational writing about the Second Amendment and other Constitutional issues.

Guns and Maryland

My thanks to John "ER" Jasen for these Maryland Gun Issues links!

Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association
United Sportsmen of Maryland PAC
United Sportsmen of Anne Arundel County
Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland
Tripwire, using the 1st to defend the 2nd!

Anti Gun
EFEHV (Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence).

Sovereignity & Militia Issues

A note - I don't necessarily subscribe to any of the views which might be expressed at any of these sites - I just think that they're of interest. But there are some sites which express views which I personally hold dear, and when in my opinion these are noteworthy or exemplary sites, I so note - and you'll probably find them to be excellent sites as well.

Guns and Public Health.
This is a very scholarly and well-referenced page! highly recommended.
Liberty = Freedom = Sovereign <> Conspiracy = Treason = Slavery. This is a hot links page.
Central Michigan Regional Militia 15th Brigade: Kent County. This page is loaded with links to various political philosophoes, in general freedom-loving and rejecting of unilateral global government.
National Concealed Carry Incorporated. Seeking legislation enabling a national concealed-carry license. After appropriate training, citizens would be permitted to carry concealed in every state of the Union. I fully support this, for native-born citizens only, though I can't see how that would be Constitutional. Still, a National Concealed Carry would make it possible for citizens and deputies in multijurisdiction regional militias to operate legally against armed incursions which would, of course, not be concerned about whether or not they were licensed to carry-concealed in any particular jurisdiction.
Lott-Dillon Concealed-Carry Study.
MENSA Second Amendment SIG. Now this is smart stuff.
North American Liberation Association. I am not particularly pleased by the almost-entirely anti-US-government thrust of this organization, which appears to be an emerging coalition front between assorted revolutionary groups worldwide. However, someone has done a fairly credible job of assembling quite the position-paper. My own personal concern regarding this organization would be he extreme potential for penetration and co-option (to say nothing of usurpation) of purely-American Patriotic and Constitutionalist Militias by inimical foreign powers. It must be noted that there is an high degree of involvement internationally, with Iraqui and Chiapan interests.
Police Against the New World Order!.
Sovereignity Workshop/State/Sovereign Citizenship. Promotes a return to Common Law principles, recapturing and asserting individual rights, preservation of the US Constitution, and blocking the New World Order. The sub-pages on Sovereignity and Citizens' Rights contain some invaluable citations regarding the difference between citizenship prior to and ante the Fourteenth Amendment, lots of food for thought all through this site.
US Militia. One of the least-wacky and most excellently developed sites on mainstream US Militia philosophy. This one is about as all-American as you can get, at least as far as I looked.
Judge Velek's Site. Definitely worth a look! "Boycotting Businesses which ban guns."

Hardcopy - Books and Pamphlets

Minuteman Press.

Reasons To Be Paranoid

Many people have many reasons to be paranoid, but sometimes, due to the nature of paranoia, they're paranoid about the wrong things. So here, given with all of the best intentions, are some reasons to be paranoid, of things that actually exist, and can as a rule be bought off of any of the right stores' shelves.

Insect Tracking System. This might sound corny, but sometimes scientists like to track the movement of insects. This can be rather difficult, particularly when the insects are very small, or it's dark. This micro-reflector system allows scientists, using "moderate levels of laser illumination", to essentially put reflective license-plates on insects, allowing them to be very easily spotted. I presume the same could be done to any car or person.

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