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Looking for an online software mall? Try Softdisk. Or try American Software & Hardware Distributors, they have a huge supply of CD-ROM and gaming peripherals.

Software - Files and related topics:

Earth Operations Central is powered by Slackware Linux.

For more information about Linux, try reading the Linux Gazette.

Also see Washington DC Area UNIX User's Groups Linux page. A wonderful source of Linux information.,/p>

Be sure to look around at the MIT PGP Repository for cryptographic software!

Would you like to know more about Free Linux Spreadsheets?? I like MacroCALC.

Need a database server for Linux? Try MySQL - which also has a lot of Java tie-ins.

You might also be interested in the relational database PGSQL.

AUSCERT is a good place to look for security tools for your UNIX system.

CERT is another excellent place to look for security tools and advisories.

Open Language

TCL/TK Consortium. More than you dreamed.
Download TCL/TK and a great many deriviative languages and applications!

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Digital Libraries and Information Systems. Always worth a look. You can generally wander the directories, and you might find something truly useful for your computer, no matter your system type. A good place to look for stuff like Mosaic, or things like that. Also try to FTP to the same place. There is a lot of stuff here at the FTP site.
InterNIC Registration Services Home Page
BBNPlanet Connect. Bolt Baranek and Newman used to be the people behind the MilNet and the SURANet. They privatized or something, and are now running major internet services to anyone, not just the Federals. If you want serious Internet, talk to them.

MultiMedia Software for Linux.

Higher Education National Software Archives University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom.

InterNetWares for Windows.

Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications List - Main Menu. Anything that runs under Windows that is an Internet aid or application is probably listed somewhere on one of these pages.
Running A WWW Service - 7 WWW Servers
Windows httpd. Boy is this a great program, for those of you who are still stuck in a Windows environment.
Lizards' Links. Lots of windows stuff, and assorted other oddities as well.

Linux and or UNIX
Real software for real computers with real operating systems
Slackware Linux, a superior freeware Unix Clone. Blow about $300 on a gigabyte harddrive instead of a cheesey ineffectual off-the-shelf proprietary Unix (tm).
Publicly-available Database Software.
A Linux Office Network.
Even moreLinux. This is the Sunsite University of North Carolina repository and mirror. Everything that's anywhere is likely to be echoed through this.
Linux Bulletin Board Software.
Linux Software Map
Linux Basement.
The SSEC Visualization Project. This is the real deal if you're into five-dimensional visualization. Most definitely check this page out if you want to be able to convert massive standardized databases into useful graphic representations. This stuff requires a powerful computer, the OpenGL graphics libraries or the MESA libraries (this is the author's homepage) for 3D rendering. If you've got a 32-meg box with one damned fast CPU, and plenty of spare drivespace, get this and get it quick; it's even FREE.
BugFixes for Slackware96 (Slackware Linux 3.1, 2.0x kernel.
Cosmic: NASA Software Technology Transfer Center. If you've got a mainframe with lots of idle time, check these guys out.

Commercial Software for Developers

SCO Services. Makers of SCO-Unix, and they have loads of support and applications for interfacing Windows (tm, Microsoft Corp) and their own Unix.

If you have anything that you'd like to see listed here, please send me some mail.
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