If you see a button above, then you can use this really neat "Search Satellite", which will search almost everywhere for you!

If you can't find it in a search-engine, which may not search databases, try Internets, which has a comprehensive listing of onlined databases.

Some useful "search engines".

These will look all sorts of places for you.
Altavista NetWide Search! The definitive searcher.
DejaNews. Everything anyone has ever posted! Now you know why everyone is looking at you funny.
DejaNews Special Query. Find reasons to look at other people funny.
Excite Search. Also links to city.net.
Inktomi. Check this link out right now, this is the future staring you in the eyes.
Magellan. They rate pages, too.
MetaCrawler queries 10 major search engines.
WebCrawler Searching.
What-U-Seek. A very nice search engine!
Yahoo Searching.
Zippo Dot Com News Search.

Various Search Engines.
Veronica Search. Use this to search Gophers. The others only really search Web pages. This will find all sorts of useful things, not just pretty pictures.
Some gophers.

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