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Take Back Your Data!

The American Civil Liberties Union has a nice page full of links to online privacy resources.
Arent Fox, a major District Lawfirm, has a great site on telemedicine and privacy issues.

Please check out the Electronic Privacy Information Center.
The Learning Company's eTRUST page.
Please also see the Health Records Privacy page from the Center for Democracy and Technology. If you are remotely concerned about just how many people's computers are accessing your health records, you might want to peruse these pages.
Here's a Bill before Congress, hr3482, the `Medical Privacy in the Age of New Technologies Act of 1996''. Please call your Congressperson and beg them to support it.

Also take a look at Vortex Technologies Privacy Page.
Try the Internet Privacy Coalition.
Get a copy of the Office of Technology Assessment's Report on the Americans with Disabilities Act and its impact on employment for persons with psychiatric disabilities. It's in a WordPerfect5.1 Zipfile. Lots of good information about disclosure, etc. Or see it as Enhanced HTML!
Also, please take a look at the Federal Trade Commission's Privacy Mailing List Page. Get on their mailing list, and you can contribute substantively to their discussion of privacy issues in cyberspace. Somebody needs to contribute something substantive.
Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, University of Virginia has a great page on Medical Confidentiality on Virginia.
Center for Biomedical Ethics, University of Virginia.
State of Virginia Sex-Offender List. Can't you just wait until someone hacks this and puts your name on it?
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