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First Powwow from the US National Museum of the American Indian

On 2002 September 15 and 15, the US National Museum of the American Indian had their inagural Powwow on the National Mall in Washington DC.

This was the first powwow I have ever seen when I was old enough to remember it. When I was a very small child, long long ago, my parents took me to see an "intertribal festival" in Flagstaff, Arizona. I don't remember it, but my folks have some pictures of it that they used for slide shows. Maybe I can find those and get them scanned and share them with you, but that will be later.

For now, here are a few pictures I took on 2002 September 14.

Click on the small picture, and you'll get a very much larger one. These larger pictures are about 700Kbytes in size, so if you are connected by dial-up, this could take a while.

Some might wonder why there isn't any 12.jpg image. This was a phpto I took of a native Vietnam Veteran, he didn't mind if I took his picture, but when I asked if he minded it going up on the InterNet, he didn't want that, so I'm not putting his picture on the InterNet.

Comments explain every picture, if they need any explaining and if I can remember exactly what was happening there.

For our Canadian friends, here's an image of the Canadian Embassy, at Third and Pennsylvania NW, looking NW past the Embassy.

The Powwow was held in a very large tent. Here's a view of some of the people outside of it, including some folks in nicely done outfits.

I have no recollection of who these persons were or what they were doing in the circle. But you can get an idea of the size of the event from this image.

It's kind of hard to see the floor where the events take place.

Here is a view of the other end of the event tent, where there was a tipi, and a lot of people gathered around. Many of them are in their event outfits.

Here's another shot of the area around the tipi.

Welcome to Washington! We've got all kinds here. And some folks with some proud regalia.

I couldn't resist this one, it's the men in regalia, a few tourists, with the US Capitol Building right beyond them.

Here's a shot of the Mall, with some contestants. Notice the contestant number. Bet you never expected license plates on natives.

Inside the tent, here's a shot of one of the dancers.

More of the inside, more dancers, some drummers, more outfits and regalia.

Outside once again, here are six proud Veterans. I only caught the names of two, who were Ms. Benalli and Mr Begay of the Dineh nation.

Another shot of the Veterans, with the US Capitol Building behind them.

Back inside, more dancing.

Even more dancing.

Still inside, more dancing, an award ceremony also, I think.

More dancing. I wish I had used a better camera, this is a little blurry.

More inside dancing.

More awards, I think.

More awards, and reading of the names. Solemn convocation of the powwow, notice to the left and at the other end of the tent, the Veterans, with their POW-MIA flag.

After the Honor Song, the Veterans march with the flags.

Outside, the Veterans with the Stars and Stripes and the POW-MIA flag.

"Photo-Op", Veterans and some folks in regalia, including a really excellent Northern Dancer's outfit. Check out the bustle!

More people milling around outside.

Another outside shot. Check out the very long lines of people waiting to buy the frybread and mutton being sold at the tent on the far left.

Against the backdrop of Capitol Hill...

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