Other People's Homepages

This page is for links to personal homepages. Here's one, from a truly great man, Dr. stephen Hawking.

I don't think that there's much organization to this, I just add them as I get them, complete with such summaries as I can develop.

My criteria for selection are simple: You just have to have a homepage, and if it has links, it's on. Pretty spiffy, huh? If you want your hompage linked herein, just send me mail.

I might even do something completely mad such as simply adding all of the URLs listed in every single signature I encounter in UseNews, assuming I can actually get there, and it's not so boring as to cause eyes to glaze over.

You'll note that I could really really use some more people's listings.

Larry Mulcahy. I have no idea whatsoever. But this is a top page of maximum intensity. Please see the incredible links page.
Winchell Chung. This is a very smart guy with a massive set of interests, particularly in the sciences and science-fiction. He has a superior Babylon 5 page, starmaps galore.
International Interactive Communications Society-DC Chapter. Bob Lau, a classmate of mine, runs this show.
Kirsten Sjostedt's Homepage. Lots of links to Sweden, South Africa, and other places. Has some great links to UFO material, and also links to translating dictionaries.
Michael Somos' Homepage. Has some great math/conceptual links.
Zookeeper's Page.
Rob P's Homepage. This is a good place to check your ability to perceive dry wit.
Slumberland. Possibly your best gateway to Seattle, Washington.
The Bug Ranch! This is your general guide to insect oddities... or is it? Maybe you need to find out for your self. Home of the GIF o' the Month Club. And the site's author is a really cool person.
keyman's bookmarks. Excellent list of links, especially for hacking, PGP, and Green issues.
Jeffrey L. Millar's Olde Tyme Thick & Creamy Home-Style Page. Need I say more?
Global Webtrance. This is great stuff by a really cool guy. Wonderful graphics!
Sam Vino's Page. If you are interested in the Four Corners region of the American Southwest, please take a look at his pages.
River of Life Abundant. This is pretty interesting. Lots of stuff on herbals, and alternative reality-perceptions, Hawaiian Lore and sovereignity issues, Personal Empowerment, and lots of other things. Definitely worth a look.
Nanook (Eskimo North) has some pretty good pages on various things, but you'll probably be most interested in his New IRC Network pages.
Gary's Golf Page. Mostly the Myrtle Beach links but there's other links as well. Ack! Holy cow, I think it's the first internet/golfing pun!
Hunter's Bookmarks. Loads of links!
Black Crawling Systems Archives. Fairly weird, as is everything in this domain.
J.D. Falk's Homepage at CyberNothingOrg. Nothing's cooler 'cause it's cyber...
Nancy's New Pages. There's some great stuff here, many links to biycling, spelunking and spelology, some gothic links, and links to linguistics..
Plot Summaries. These are some summaries of assorted gruesome B-flicks, by a buddy of mine! He has great tastes in some fairly atrocious films. If you like horror but can't remember exactly what that movie was about, this is the place to go.
Ram Sumadrala is a pretty eclectic guy! He does movie reviews, plays in a band with a few albums, and also does genetic engineering on the side. Where does he find the time? Buckaroo Banzai could take some lessons from Ram...
Greg's Cyberspace Home. Just getting started, has some great animated GIFs...
CIA Intelligence Report: Anderson, Jeremy Dean. Great page! Definitely read this guy's senior term paper.
Toby's Page. Great stuff about what to do in New York City, links to the Rave Scene, lots of fun.

Please send me some mail and get your page referenced here!
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