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Various Faiths of Earth.
A Beginner's Guide.
A Mystickal Grove.
Learn about the pagan origins of Hallowe'en (Samhain), and about religious tolerance, and about Paganism.
. A variety of Ancient online texts and references, primarily Greek and Roman. Excellent stuff for the scholarly.
The Pagan Holidays (or the Witches' Sabbats). Quite scholarly.
Between the Candle and the Stars.
A great little personal site, with information for solitary practitioners.
Elf Lore Family.
You really should take a look at this!
Elijan Wicca.
This Maryland-based group has some excellent little Origins Stories, especially dealing with "necessary evils" as those things which keep us from getting too fat and lazy, and teaching us the virtues. This is an eclectic tradition, incorporating much of the JudeoChristian and Islamic traditions into their more-traditional Wiccan bitheism.
Columbine's excellent Pagan and Witch resources page.
NeoPagan Religious Archives.
From the Linkoping University, Sweden.
True Church of All Worlds.
Based on Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. Very much into ecology and environment.
Please see their excellent little pagan journal, the Green Egg, which covers a lot of ground for all Earth Religions.
Wicca 101.
The Alliance of Solitary Practitioners.
The Witches' Voice.
major internet resource on Wicca, witchcraft, and paganism.

Pagan and Jewish:
Jewish Pagan Resource Page.
Complete with an astounding array of links.

Pagan and Funny :
A Field Guide to Neopagandom.
All too funny and probably all too true.

Pagan in Maryland? No, not the motorcycle club.

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Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Wicca

Many forms of Paganism or NeoPaganism are basically concerned with attuning one's self to Nature. Life is seen as being all-pervasive, and the Sacred is seen as all-pervasive as well. The Divine is thought to be immanent in all things, and accessible to all. So come, gather your friends and soul-mates and visit a quiet place where you can communicate with your Homeworld, and seek within for your commonality therewith.

If it harms none, then do as you will.

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