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Organizations of Interest: Space and Industry

The Aerospace Corporation. Advanced Space Systems Architecture and Engineering.
SAIC. Science Applications International Corporation. Believed by many to be the "civilian arm" or an unregistered directorate of the United States Intelligence Community, there is no doubt that SAIC has its fingers in many, if not all, American defense intiatives.
International Atomic Energy Agency. "Atoms for Peace".
The United Nations homepage.

Academy for Educational Development (AED). Addressing Human Development needs worldwide, primarily in the US.
American Institutes for Research. "The American Institutes for Research is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides governments and the private sector with high-quality services by applying and advancing the behavioral and social sciences to solve significant societal problems. We invite you to browse our Web site to learn about our organization and the work that we perform. "
Open Society Institute. Initially dedicated to the destruction of communist traditions and mechanisms after the fall of the old regimes of the Soviet/Satellites Bloc, SOROS/OSI promotes the establishment of open societies.
Silly or Pretentious
Apocalypse. Not really that silly nor pretentious, it's a pretty good implimentation of a local co-opNet. Very interesting clientele they have, I might add!
Artemis Research. Dedicated to studying the effects of sleep-deprivation, poor diet, and no social life for extended periods of time, on human beings and dwarf rabbits. Or so they say. Actually, I suspect something rather more sinister.
Earth Operations Central. We really have no idea just exactly what the heck we stand for, but whatever it is today, it'll probably be different tomorrow. Actually, we're clever space aliens masquerading as ordinary people, bent on global domination. Or maybe we just want you to believe we believe that while we actually are engaged in preventing aliens masquerading as ordinary people from achieving global domination. Or maybe we'd really like you to believe that we believe whatever we want you to believe that we believe. Or maybe we're really as silly and pretentious as we seem.

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