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Computing: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

See also Parts Houses, and also see Testing & Specialty Tools. This present page is more concerned with off-the-shelf turnkey systems or self-contained components, such as computers, calculators, printers, etc.

Personal Digital Assistants and Palmtops

See also The Beltcom Page

Hewlett-Packard. One of the driving forces behind all sorts of technical innovations, particularly in miniaturization.
International Business Machines (IBM) makes a vast array of products in the personal computer arena.
Texas Instruments. Right up there with Hewlett-Packard in the forefront of the digital revolution. They made some of the first affordable calculators and digital wristwatches. They nearly went bust as a result of a premature entry into the personal computer market. They now, as they say, mostly concentrate on the technology building blocks and systems that will bring life to the digital revolution.
Personal Computer and Workstation

Acer. Computers, peripherals and software.
Advanced Logic Research (ALR), Inc. Boy do these guys make some nice computers. Their Quad Pentium Pro 200Mhz servers are the stuff of geek dreams.
Compaq. They make very nice computers, a favorite with corporate America.
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). They have a very nice line of workstations, the DEC-Alpha, a 64-bit machine. See also this site.
Hewlett-Packard. A very fine line of personal computers, palmtops, and peripherals. Their laser printers are a benchmark of quality and an industry standard.
Hitachi Data Systems.
International Business Machines (IBM) is an OEM par excellence. This page will give you some idea of the breadth and scope, the sheer enormity of their presence in the computing industry.
Samsung Data Systems. Korean manufacturing giant. They do make good products, and their monitors certainly have a great reputation.
Sun Microsystems. They've led the way in workstations, inventing the concept, I do believe, and if you want raw blistering affordable processing power, you can't go wrong with a Sun Micro product. They invented the JAVA language, among other things, and between Java, Solaris and their new ULTRASparc workstations, Sun Micro is a sure bet for being the next blue-chip standard by which others are judged.
Wang Laboratories, Inc. These are the guys who invented the word-processor, remember? They had once been considered to have fallen by the wayside after the introduction of the PC; their powerful but dedicated-turnkey word-processors didn't have as much flexibility. But they're back now. Take a look.

Midframes and Mainframes

Amdahl Corporation. They make very large computers, corporate mainframes, etc.
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). They make the VAX as well as larger machines and systems.
First Solutions, Inc. makes a nice little line of midframes.
Hitachi Data Systems. Hitachi is fairly hugely into massively-parallel systems, midframes, mainframes and distributed enterprise systems. Compares very favorably to such industry leaders as IBM and Digital. Take a closer look at their SR Series of scalable RISC UNIX machines.
IBM System 390 Site. Now these are mainframes. Very serious, very big, very expensive. More poewr than anyone except a corporation needs. Very much business-oriented.
Sun Microsystems. Sun Micro continues to blur the line between micro/workstation and midframe computer.
Tandem. They make some very nice midframe and scalable-systems servers, especially useful for database and data warehousing needs.
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Project pages. PARC, by the way, probably has more brainpower floating around than you ever imagined could work for a copier company. but unknown to many, Xerox has consistently led the way in the computing industry. What, you maybe thought that their intelligent copiers were purely mechanical? In particular, see their LiveWorks subdivision.
Storage and Data Warehousing

Symbios Logic has a fairly amazing product line.

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