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I would really like to get more links, especially global links to the various original people of all the Earth. Many global links are here, but it's pretty Technical World and to degree a Eurocentric. If you have a link you want to see mounted here, please send me some mail.

Please visit the Indian Circle WebRing. The main site is maintained by the Seminole Nation. They are doing what I set out to do when I created this page, and doing it better!

The People's Paths Homepage -- 'North American Indian & Indigenous People!' (NAIIP).

This has a lot of links.

Tribal Connections -- Tribal Websites.

Get the word right from the horse's mouth, aim your RealAudio player at Native American Public Telecommunications - part of the American Indian Radio On Satellite (AIROS) Group.

See also IndianNet.

The US Department of the Interior is responsible for provision of preservation and access to the nation's natural and cultural heritage and administration of the trust responsibilities to the nation's tribes.

The US National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian Institution) has a lovely site, with lots of information on the arts and culture of Native North Americans.

Please see also the New and Official website for the US National Museum of the American Indian. Also, please see some photos I took at the First National Powwow sponsored by that museum.

Please see the NativeWeb Pages, which offer links to indigenous peoples all around the world.
Please also see the Native Links page put together by Vino of the Navajo Community College.
Educational Native American Network Home Page (Bureau of Indian Affairs).
Advanced Tribal Integrated Information Networks. 100 percent Native-owned and you should give them your business.
Try these Hawai'ian and Native Links.
Native American Homepages.
Koori Centre, at the University of Sydney, Australia. Involving the Aboriginals in highest education.
Information Facility for Indigenous Resources of Australia.
Tribal Voice Native American Resources.

The Native Nations of North America

See also the InterTribal Council of Arizona.
A nice directory full of Tribes of the SouthWest US.

Apache, White Mountain.
White Mountain Apache Tribe. The official site, I think.
Scott C. Marley's White Mountain Apache Page. Many links into the White Mountain Apache schools, and with essays by locals.
Scott C. Marley's Apache-related links page.
Fort Apache Indian Lands. During the 1950s, the White Mountain Apaches decided to make their Indian Land the largest privately-owned recreational area in the US, building dams, impounding lakes, and developing access roads. The Indian Land is considered an outdoorsmans' paradise. The fishing is famous.
Chickasaw Nation.
Inuit Circumpolar Conference. An international association of the Inuit, covering Russia, the US, Canada, and Greenland. Very nearly the authoratative site.
Nunavut - Canada's Eastern Arctic. Many Inuit Links.
The Official Navajo (Diné) Nation Page.
The less-than-official but incredibly fascinating Sovereign Diné Nations Page. This may be shaping up to be the United States' own little Bosnia.
Dineh Nation/Four Corners Page. This is also a crossover page for several Native web-rings.
Shi Diné - the Home of the Navaho.
The excellent and link-filled Central Navajo Page.
The unofficial, but very complete, Living with the Diné FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions) Page.
Diné Social Activism Page from SolSite.
Let's go "out West", and listen to the People Talk.
Let's read some of their literature. This links to some very informative pages regarding the Diné (Navajo People) ways, ceremonials traditions and origins tales. It's the story of a trip around Dinétah, the Navajo Country. Also, please see Hosteen Gorman's most excellent Navajo Pages. I don't think you could ask for a better introduction to the people, culture, lands, history and future. Sadly, I cannot find Hosteen Gorman's current page - but he is well respected as an artist and a warrior. Please see the results of this Altavista Search for +"navajo" "gorman". His art is very popular, and many people have set up tribute pages for him and for his works. Here is a beautiful example.
Another excellent academic page on the Navajo is here. It's a Master's Degree thesis presentation.
Marie S. Teasyatwho and her Navajo Weaving.
A great little story.
A short overview of Navajo history from an AngloAmerican scholar.
A Discovery Online article about the heroic contribution of the Navajo Codetalkers.
Codetalkers information from the US Navy.
Try out Codetalk, the Information Superhighway running through Indian Country. That's what they say, anyway, at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Navajo Links.
The Tseyi Association is a consortium of people who live within the confines of the Canyon De Chelly (Canyon Tseyi), promoting a Navajo First policy for uses of this National Park.

Education -
Go to the Diné College (Navajo Community College). This is probably your best source for information on the Diné community. It appears to be shaping up as the focus of their internet presence. If you're interested in the language, the way of life, especially regarding the language preservation project, this is the place to look. The Diné College is the US' first tribally-controlled community college.
Tseyi Heritage Cultural Center.
Navajo & Special Programs. This is a wonderful resource, with references on the language, and the Navajo Learning Network.
Chinle AZ Unified School District!
Kayenta Unified School District, Kayenta, Arizona.
St. Michaels' School. The only Catholic School on the Navajo Reservation.
Navajo Medicine Woman Site. Very intersting stuff here! You should maybe take a look.

Menominee -- College of Menominee Nation, Kenisha Wisconsin.
Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux.
Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Ignacio Colorado (Four Corners USA).
Here is an awesomely linked page set towards many North American Native sites.

Expressions of Culture

Pow-wow (pau wau)
Paul Gowder's Pow Wow Dancing Page and his Native American Links Page.
Mark Broadway's Native American Tradition Page.

Native Commercial Artisans, Entities & Tradesmen

Red Chief Trading Post. Native arts from the Four Corners Area.

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