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Ordinarily I wouldn't list anything that's exclusively Microsoft-compatible - I never use Microsoft software. It's not that it's bad or anything, I just greatly prefer Linux. For one, almost everything about or for Linux is free. Microsoft software is not free. I think it's easy to see why I'd rather pay nothing for what I prefer, than pay lots for things I don't prefer. You may prefer to pay money for Microsoft software and even more money for things that run on Microsoft operating systems. If you do, that's your business. I personally prefer to spend my money on hardware upgrades instead of site-licenses. But suit yourself, if you've got money to spare.

Amazingly, the vast majority of PC users and even many Apple Mac (tm, Apple) users prefer to spend money on Microsoft and Microsoft-compatible software, and so at last here is this page.

Microsoft-Compatible Software

Very Useful Software

Cheyenne Software, Inc makes lots of products aimed squarely at the MS users, and also has a few products for proprietary *nix flavors such as Sun Solaris (tm, Sun Microsystems). Mostly mass-storage solutions, database backup and restore, etc., security, anti-virus, etc.
Intuit, Inc. Makers of Quicken and TurboTax software, among others.
Niles & Associates. Makers of EndNote Plus, a wordprocessing tool used for bibliographic notations.
Luckman Interactive. " Luckman Interactive, Inc. offers complete and easy-to-use Internet client/server software, the finest Web directories, and innovative information content."
Sybase has an immense line of data-warehousing products, client-server architecture of course.
Quarterdeck. Makers of memory-management software and much more.
Specialty Software

Bitstream markets fonts and document-enhancement software.
Broderbund Software. The makers of the multimedia game Myst, mong other things, including educational software. They have some great and very popular 3-D Architect software, too.
Documenta. This Australian firm makes software for multimedia presentations, including an on-the-fly converter for text-to-HTML.

You can find professional software development tools here.

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