I am showing a lot of scalp these days. It's partly because it's summer, and it's partly because I wanted to make a political statement.

I'm not just any old skinhead. I do not want to be confused with any of the other group of rebels who have shaved heads. I am not a racist. I am not an anarchist. I am not anti-semitic.

I am a nationalist. I am an American. I was born here, of people who have lived here for many generations. This is my country, and I love my country. I don't love it just for the land. When I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, I am pledging not so much to the flag as to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible.

And more than anything, I want Liberty, and Justice for all. But if our borders are overrun to the point where we have to impliment police-state systems to prevent a national collapse or surrender, liberty and justice for all will be sadly lacking.

Technical-Ecological Nationalist Front "Skins"


I am a Nationalist. I love my country. My country is not a mere territory, lines drawn upon a map or fenced upon the Earth. My country is a country of the mind. My country is defined by the Constitution of the United States of America. This is the highest law in this land.

I believe in sovereignity. A territorial power which cannot control its borders is a nation that is doomed to constant immigration, infiltration, and encroachment upon the domain. A city without walls cannot long survive when the starving hordes of ill-managed neighboring estates descend upon it.

Ask any Native American what can happen when you don't control your borders. If people keep coming, and if they are interesting, and bear gifts in token of peace, it is proper to welcome your guests. Who would want to be thought to be a stingy person who does not know how to behave like a human person? Sometimes, though, people keep coming, even after you have made it clear that you do not want any more visitors than you already have. Sometimes they bring diseases which are beyond the control of your medicine. This has happened here in North America before. Ask any of the descendants of the people who saw 24 out of 25 of their people die over a fifty-year period after the introduction of smallpox onto this continent. Before the visitors came, rude and sick, this was a country where people lived in harmony with the land, if not always with each other, and it was common for people to live to the limits which were imposed upon them by the Almighty. Persons who lived to the age of eighty in robust health were not uncommon.

I am absolutely opposed to all forms of illegal immigration. While America was founded upon illegal immigration, it should not mature in foolishness. Most Americans have learned to live in peace with each other, though that peace may be uneasy. I believe that this is because of the Constitution, as amended by the representatives elected at the will of the people. We have developed a tradition of peace, if not harmony. We have our rights, and we know that to respect the rights of others is to cause them to respect us. Different as we each may be in our ways, traditions, and heritages, we all share one common heritage: the culture of Constitutional Law.

I am so opposed to illegal immigrations because the process of legal immigration and attainment of citizenship requires that newcomers shall at least know, if not fully understand, the traditions of tolerance, enfranchisement, and due-process Law which has made a most diverse group of peoples into the most powerful and advanced Nation on this Earth. To immigrate illegally is to simply move a person and their old-country ways to the new country. To immigrate legally, and become a citizen through the proper process is, quite often, to leave not only the old country behind, but the ways which made it necessary to leave that old country. To immigrate legally and become a citizen is to abandon the past and to embrace the future, to no longer be of whatever tradition, ways, or beliefs one once was... one is now an American.


I believe that America has the right, need and the absolute duty to retain full sovereignity through absolute control of the borders and ports, the coastlines, and indeed we must control access from space. The borders may be defended by methods passive or active... but they must be controlled.

I believe that America must be strong. Having secured control of the borders, we must have sufficient intelligence regarding those who come from abroad to exclude those who seek entry to do the American People ill.

I believe that, since legal immigrants, particularly oppressed minorities, (do the names Tesla, Steinmetz and Einstein come to mind?) inarguably have been disproportionate contributors to the advancement of American science, and therefore its common wealth and military strength, the best minds and the highest educations and greatest skills of foreign lands should be permitted all due access to legal immigration process. Do not send us your tired and your poor. We have enough of our own. Do not send us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Our cities are overflowing with them. Do send us your very best and we shall do all that we can to give them all due opportunity and honor them for their achievements.

Any American with a decent education realizes that the greatest strength in biology is that produced by hybrid vigor, and the flexibility and robustness of immune response engendered by the greatest variety and diversity. I believe that America's greatness derives from the incredible diversity of peoples and their various traditions and cultures so long as it is contained within the framework which has already been demonstrated to lead to the cohesiveness of this great nation.

But we most definitely do intend that this be an America by, for, and of Americans. As Eco-Nationalist Skins, we don't care about their race, religion, beliefs (or lack thereof), matriculation or much else at all. We only insist that all who come here should come here legally, and should become a part of the nation. We do not want infiltrators and invaders who believe that simply by interpenetrating the borders and committing mayhem on our fighting men, and giving useless values to our young and teaching disrespect for the Constitution and all of that for which it stands and serves, that they can take our land for their own.

Being Nationalists, we are serious about the borders. And we will fight about it. And being Americans, we hate to lose. Being Skinheads, we'll be quite pleased to fight just as dirty as you, and being Technicals, we don't mind making absolutely sure that you'll never in a million years have a goddamned clue about what hit you.

Thus do I refute

We support a planned population reduction, and a conversion to ecology-friendly appropriate technologies for use on Earth, and we also support a greatly expanded space-colonization effort, eventually moving all or most industrial processes to points in space where they cannot possibly affect Earth should there be some industrial catastrophe. Technology and a flourishing ecology are in no way mutually exclusive.

For us to reach our present level of technology, it was necessary to expand throughout this great continent, to seek out and extract the resources, to tame mighty rivers, to balloon the population to far beyond the natural carrying-capacity of the land, to concentrate our populations in cities so vast and overcrowded that they are eternally at risk of systems-failure and plague. To work the lands and the mines and the waterways, we needed a vast population, and to support them, we needed a vast infrastructure necessarily at odds with the ecology. Now, though, the lands are nearly stripped, we require foreign oil to support the transport system, and more foreign oil to make the fertilizer to support the agricultural lands which are intensely over-farmed with risky monoculture crops. Cities are targets in the age of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and should we have a system-failure of any significant magnitude, we run the risk of a "domino-effect" cascade systems-failure, where each system that fails causes several others to collapse. Were this to occur, the population would crash to a point far beyond that which the land could easily carry; indeed, with the possible conflagrations of the vast stores of industrial chemicals necessary to create the products which support our society, the Earth itself could be poisoned.

Now that we have our present level of technology, we no longer need such a large population. We can as a nation adopt the motto 'one person one child', with replacements permitted should one's single child die or be rendered incapable of reproduction. If we were to choose to breed for quality instead of quantity, we can retain the reserve of intellect necessary to meet any future need. We can safely reduce the population, the days when a large reserve of able-bodied men was needed to forestall being overrun by overcrowded neighboring states are far past. We now have systems which can be maintained by a relative few, systems which can destroy cities and possibly continents. This concentration of power will only increase as technology develops, and it will be such systems as these which could safeguard any future America against breaches of our sovereign borders.

As we downsize the population, increase its quality, and increase the level of technology, we expect the scars on the land will heal, and with the exception of small enclaves of extremly high technology, backed by offworld industrial might, once again this land and its inhabitants will live in blessed and fruitful harmony with Nature.

Other Political Beliefs

First and foremost: We support the Constitution of the United States of America, and we swear to uphold and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Secondly, we support the concepts of individual rights, including the right of trained and competent law-abiding citizens to carry arms in the defense of their neighborhoods, families and selves.

We believe that nobody who has been appointed by any official other than a directly-elected official has the right to place others over us. Thus, the sheriff and elected judges are the police authorities to whom we will submit in respect of their authority, a direct extension of the will of the majority.

We believe that the human race is at an historic watershed no less important than the harnessing of fire, and this is, unlike all previous such watersheds, the one that will make or break Mankind, to save or destroy our mother Earth.

We are not opposed to sensible and appropriate use of the world which gave us birth, but wholesale destruction of the planetary ecology cannot be considered sensible nor appropriate.

We believe that there is substantial risk (or hope) that we will eventually encounter another intelligent species, or that one might find us here on Earth. We believe that we should do all that is humanly possible to prepare for such an eventuality. If there are hostile intelligences capable of reaching us here, we would do very well to retain high technology, but being so overpopulated and systems-dependent that a cascade systems-failure resulting in planetary catastrophe could be easily induce by hostiles - well, it really doesn't make much sense. Also, having an immense and non-conservationist planetary population living on the edge of starvation will do nothing to protect us from potential hostile extraterrestrials.

This is a document that will continue to evolve. Please send your comments and remarks to me.
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