TJH Internet SP and Earth Operations Central"> If there is a single institution within mankind which has promoted the advancement of the race, an institution which in fact defines what we commonly refer to as civilization, it is the Library. The Internet, with its vast resources, is being combined with more traditional resources and repositories of information. Here are some of the places that are leading the way. To provide an exhaustive list would be outside EarthOps' scope of operations, but here are some of the better examples which have come to my attention.
The Library

Major Libraries and Library Resources

Argus Clearinghouse of Internet Resources.
The United States Library of Congress.
National Library of Canada.
Special Libraries Association.
State Library of Victoria. "The State Library links Victorians to the world's knowledge, and the world to our documentary heritage." Quite nice!
CARL. Libraries online.
Here's an excellent page full of resources on Libraries and Information Science.
PICA Centre for Library Automation (Netherlands) develops systems and services for libraries and other information providing institutions. Also a great window into dutch scientific and research libraries.
Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Dedicated to, among other things, increasing individuals' access to libraries, and reducing information costs to both consumers and the libraries themselves.
Also see the Professional Software Page if you're looking for commercial (Microsoft or Mac-OS compatible) information-management software. For the more-professional "serious" computer user (UNIX, Linux, etc) see the z39.50 standard (GLIS/WAIS) page.

For specific libraries in specific states, please see Regions of North America, under the specific state or province.

Library Consortiums & Commissions

The Can-Linked Initiative for distributed Canadian National Digital Library System.
Central New York Library Resources Council.
Health Services Libraries Consortium.
Library Information Network for Community Colleges (LINCC), an automated information system for Florida, USA, community college library users.
North Suburban Library System, a consortium of libraries serving Cook, Kane, Lake, and McHenry counties. 281 Libraries are involved.
Research Library Group "is a not-for-profit membership corporation devoted to the mission of "improving access to information that supports research and learning." Founded in 1974 and incorporated in 1975 by Columbia, Harvard, and Yale universities and The New York Public Library, RLG became and is today a pioneer in developing cooperative solutions to the problems that research collections and their users face in the acquisition, delivery, and preservation of information."
Washington (DC) Research Library Consortium.
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Libraries of Note

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Library.
The Carnagie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Cleveland Public Library.
Bibliotek Systemer A.S, Norwegian Library System.
Bibliotheken, University of Hannover's list of German-Language Internet Library Resources, I think. I can't really tell, my German skills are non-existent.
The Hampton Roads Central Library - Front Entrance. You don't drive to this library. You point to it. This is bitchin' and can only get better.
inReference, Inc., makes public domain information more easily accessible over the InterNet. Online archive, basically.
J.N. DesMarais Library, Laurentian University. There's a reason I referenced this library - it's fairly small, but it's intensely linked to the world and have they got listings.
San Francisco Public Library. This is an excellent example of the Internet-Mounted-Library as a regional ombudsman.

Online Libraries/Special-Interest
Alternatives. Claims to be the largest online library for social change. Has a link to a lot of other online libraries!
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. Maintains large online and CD-ROM scientific-abstract databases.
Encyclopaedia Britannica charges a subscription fee, but well worth it
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Central Library. Lots of information is available here!
Sandia National Laboratories Technical Library.
National Library of Medicine's HyperDoc Library.
SilverPlatter. They provide online access to bibliographic and full-text databases.

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