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All comments are strictly my unsupported opinion unless based upon promotional blurb extracted from the websites linked herein. This is by no means an exhaustive nor definitive list, and no particular recommendation nor assurance of solvency or utility is to be inferred from a listing herein.


United States Legal References & Resources

Laws and Reference | Law-Enforcement

Try Law Gurus.

United States Federal Courts. Coming soon, the option to search the databases of decisions in cases.
The Federal Judicial Center is the federal courts' agency for research and continuing education, "to further the development and adoption of improved judicial administration" in the courts of the United States (28 U.S.C. 620(a))".
US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit.
The U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library. Lots of laws.
Cornell Law's Legal Information Page.
Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes from Cornell Law.
Legal Material - By Source
5 USC Sec. 552 (1993). The Privacy Act, and references to it. My favorite section of US Law, after the Constitution.
Kentlaw Legal Domain Network
Law.Net homepage.

Non-US Legal Reference & Resources

LOVDATA CELEX - This is a Norwegian/European Community equivalent to Nexis/Lexis. Points to European Community legal information!

Law Enforcement

I have no idea why I have these links, but they're fairly interesting.

Police Agencies on the Web
Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Some pretty interesting tidbits are available here.
Criminal Records Information Management and Exchange System, (CRIMES) from Telos Corporation.
National Institute of Justice.
National Criminal Justice Reference Service.
US Federal Bureau of Prisons.
US Department of Justice.
Office of Justice Programs,
High Technology Crime Investigation Association. This site has a very eclectic set of links to all sorts of high-tech and legal/law-enforcement sites and issues.
Police Technology Articles from the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
AG Communications JusticeTrax (tm) system for evidence inventory and forensic tracking.

Coming soon! Police Equipment & Technologies.

Alliant TechSystems has the SECURES system which detects and locates gunfire to direct police response.