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Please see Summary and Comments on the interim report of the US Commission on Immigration Reform.

Please also see an excellent overview of why immigration reform is failing.

See an excellent links page from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Please see a report from the Center for Immigration Studies which questions Why Activism is Forsaking the Environment to Support Snlimited Immigration to the US.

Please see one of the better-linked pages which deals with the impact of excessive immigration creating undue hardship for degreed professionals.

Further, please see Dr Norman Matloff's Debunking of the myth of a "desperate shortage of qualified native personnel".

Legal Immigration

Here are some interesting little tidbits from associations of American Professionals and in-particular, engineers, who find that "In part because of the large numbers of YSN [ Young Scientists' Network ] members in the US, one issue that has been discussed in great depth in YSND is the manner in which US Immigration Law affects US born Scientists and Engineers. One thing which has become clear from these discussions is that the system is flawed. Legislators operating under the assumption of "The Myth," [ espoused by official government agencies (among them, the US National Science Foundation) that a looming shortage of PhD Scientists and Engineers was imminent, ] and often encouraged to do so by corporate lobbyists, have promoted the immigration of specialists in fields in which there already exists a gross US oversupply. This situation is detrimental both to scientists and engineers already in the US who may be unable to find employment, and to the immigrant scientists and engineers who are often paid substandard wages. Clearly the system is flawed and it is in the interest of everyone involved to change it."

The IEEE - USA Immigration Policy Alert. During the current Congressional debate, IEEE-USA has supported 1) reductions in permanent and temporary employment-based admissions ceilings, 2) improvements in administrative safeguards to ensure that the admission of foreign nationals does not adversely affect educational and employment prospects for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and 3) the imposition of stiff penalties on employers who abuse employment-based admissions programs.
The Pandora's Lid Project. The Pandora Project is an attempt to analyze the history, context and politics behind the recent collapse of the labor market for scientists and engineers. If you read further you will find a link to the main site which discusses many difficult issues facing the American scientific community.

Ever wonder what Foreign Media has to say about the US? From the United States Information Agency.

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