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State government listings are on the Regions of North America Page, alphabetically by state. It's by no means a full listing, but should get you to the top page of any State or Provincial Government site.

Federal Web

Villanova Federal Locator. Loaded with references. A definite best of the web.
Try this out! Villanova's FedWeb Locator floating window! Push the button if you've got Javascript.

Office of Technology Assessment Mirror at the National Academy of Sciences.

Be advised that the listings below are almost totally unorganized and unstructured. I just list 'em as I see them, mostly alphabetically by their main thrust or import or subject of interest.
Administration for Children and Families.
Bureau of Economic Analysis. Uniquely informative and timely for a Federal Organization.
US Census Bureau. Whaddaya wanna know?
Congressional Budget Office. Lots more facts for the statistically and analytically inclined.
DOE's Acquisition Link.
Department of Energy (DOE), Environment Safety and Health Technical Information Service.
More DOE.
Please see the Energy Page.
Department of Education This has, among other things, links to Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), and to the National Parent Information Network. Check this out for anything to do with education, policy, goals, publications, grants etc. Also has links to the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), and the National Parent Information Network. Please see also the Social Services Page.
Federal Aviation Administration.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you really want to know what your food labels mean, this is a good place to get a start.
Government Services Administration.
Health and Human Services (DHHS). This is a heavy site, with lots of links . Please see also the Medicine and Health Page.
Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Rumor has it that this might be one of the most singularly boring websites in cyberspace.
Library of Congress. I had to put this on another page. The Library of Congress should be, and is, one of the more versatile resources on the Web. It's also only going to get better... so, I gave it a page of its own.
National Institutes of Health (NIH). This will take you right to the heart of beautiful downtown Bethesda, Maryland, where you can wonder exactly what the hell they're doing in there.
National Gallery of Art. The Nation's Art Treasures are here.
National Geodetic Survey. Maps and all sorts of terrain data is accessible here.
National Library of Medicine (NLM). Great stuff. One of the smaller government sites, but one with the greatest potential for expansion. Compare to the Health and Human Services page.
Peace Corps.
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Search Directory. You may have some money coming.
Social Security Administration (SSA) Take away the hassles of waiting in the office with a bunch of other annoyed persons, and Social Security seems to be almost worth the taxes you pay.
UNEP Environmental Assesment.

Federal Gophers.

These are not quite as pretty as the various Web pages, but they generally contain all of the information that the web-pages have, and possibly more. If you're looking for things of interest that might be too obscure to make it onto a web page, try some of these.

Nat'l Criminal Justice Resource
FBI Gopher
National Information Infrastructure stuff
Office of Technology Assessment BBS public FTP directory. Sadly, this might be down for good..
Federal Information by Agency. A Library of Congress link.
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
The National Institute of Health's Visible Human Gopher
Smithsonian Institution/NASA Earth Images. There are some lovely satellite images here.