You want paranoia? I'm gonna give you paranoia.

There has been some discussion within the various militia movements
regarding globalism and the One-World/New-World-Order Movement. This subject
has been discarded of late, with discussion cleverly diverted into other,
more topical subjects, perhaps by design, or perhaps our minds simply

The various movement that are commonly grouped under the classification of
"The One-World/New-World-Order Movement (NWO)" are varied, and far reaching.
Many tentacles extend, often from seemingly unlikely places, into the
deepest recesses of our privacies and political wills, misleading us,
misdirecting us. The true perpetrators of this global conspiracy are
determined at all costs to identify any who are capable of recognizing them
or identifying their goals sufficiently to delineate their schemes. In the
past, fools, lackeys and minions have engaged in a process of complete
disinformation, falsely attributing leadership of this cabal bent upon
global dominion to such groups as Democrats, Republicans, Communists, Jewish
Banker Conspiracies, the KGB, the FBI, various governments, administrations,
and their executive subsidiaries. This serves only to muddy the waters, as

This conspiracy is simply too large for any individual (perhaps even for
groups) to understand in its complexities. Though a cell under a microscope
might be too small to see, still, it has taken our entire history of science
to understand the inner workings in their complexities, and while our field
of understanding is indeed deep in this matter, still there are aspects
which remain mysterious, and which may indeed remain at best only partially
understood, for years yet to come... and while vast teams of scientists have
produced reams of data upon the life of a single cell, there is no single
person who completely understands all that there is known about even so
tiny a thing. Like a single microscopic cell, the grand mysteries of the NWO
remain as yet only partially understood, though many have labored diligently
to unearth the mysteries. Like any grand conspiracy, little documentation
exists, and that documentation which does exists is little better than
inferential, deduced from incomplete data, or complete disinformation - the
fabrications of damaged minds, or red herrings designed to mislead.

We will never know, cannot possibly know, exactly who is behind the NWO,
never know who sets the goals. In many respects, though, we can gather a
concept of who these people are, or rather, what they represent, simply by
watching their activities. It has been written, and rightly so, that actions
speak louder than words; "by their deeds shall you know them".

What do we see?

We see factors such as very high levels of technology in developed nations,
with entire populations poisoned by the effluents of industrialized society.
We see school-systems which were once the envy of the world dedicated simply
to providing the trained meat for the industrial machine, where once they
also trained the thinkers who would develop new technologies, new conceptual
frameworks, new modes of living. Now, we see little effort to promote the
teaching or development of critical thought, looking beyond the next
quarter's balance-sheets is deadly to a career, and where once the year 2000
was the unapproachable millenium beyond which lay either the Rapture
foretold in the Revelation or perhaps a rapture of a space-capable frontier
society expanding unchecked into nearby space, we now see instead a mere
re-hashing of the last fifty years. Our dreams have been killed, and we are
so drugged as to be unable to raise the hue and cry for the murderers. We
simply go to work in the mornings, those of us who can find jobs, and are
mostly beset with only vague misgivings over the loss of The Dream. I tell
you now, though, that The Dream is not dead, merely a captive of those who
would have us drift as soulless ghosts through their own dream, mere cogs in
a machine, and while we sleep, they alone shall live.

In the suburbs of Washington, DC, one looks around, and sees very strange
behavior from the vast numbers of recent immigrants. They have, for the most
part, been drawn here from their own devastated homelands by the American
Dream, and here they find no work fit for respect or profit, and they remain
in the area because of the need to be near the agencies that brought them
here as refugees from insurrection and war. They raise their children to
speak their own langauges, as immigrants in this country have always done,
and their children acculturate, as the children of immigrants have always
done. But which dreams are they being offered, and which do they pick to
hold dear, to cherish and to try to make real? Some do become doctors and
lawyers and engineers, but what I see in my once-comfortable suburb in
Maryland is packs of teenagers dressed in gang-colors, playing rap music,
speaking mixtures of record-company standardized ghetto slang and Arabic or
Farsi. I don't see the doctors, and the lawyers have moved away into better
neighborhoods, and what is left behind is acting exactly as if they believe
that the hypnotic lights of their cable television faithfully represent that
America that they shall inform and to whose _gestalt_ they will contribute.

They deserve better than to be sold gangsterism as a media-legitimized way
of life. We deserve better than to have our streets patrolled by gangs of
juveniles speaking foreign languages. It does not help matters that the
elder mainstream of Americana are being held up to media ridicule,
represented as a bunch of surly inbreds agitating in the hinterlands. Again,
the orchestrators of the New-World-Order dance are playing the game of
divide and conquer. Make no mistakes about it, at least a few of these
people are here under false colors, and the emerging ethnic criminal gangs
specializing (for now) in preying upon their own people are accumulating
very sizable reserves of money and weaponry. More divisions sewn among us
will weaken us.

Keep this in mind though, before you go have fits of massive global (if
somewhat justified) paranoia... The FBI is not behind this, though some of
their staff might well be, at some level, involved with the NWO and might
well be agents, whether active or passive. This was true when the enemy was
the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and long before the orchestrators
of the NWO were able to create _that_ great enemy of freedom and dignity. It
will be true in the future. The KGB is not behind this, though it is more
likely that some of the better minds of the NWO once held positions of power
and prestige within that intelligence agency. The BATF is not a part of the
conspiracy, though somewhere within it there are doubtless people who act as
effectives of the NWO, even though they might be unaware of ultimate goals,
and simply acting on the basis of carefully-nurtured political and
ideological feeling spoon-fed them from birth.

It is this last which must be regarded as the enemy, for this is not a war
of individuals, nor even of nations, this is a war of the spirit.
Multiculturalism, as such, is not the enemy. America is built of the
products of many great and sometimes ancient cultures, and for a long time,
we only got better. Now, however, we battle not multiculturalism, but the
combined effects of a mainstreaming-urge media-supplied with delusive
visions of what is American, combining with the old-style racism and
distrust of the foreigner instilled in us by our national history. When we
offer only visions of dispair and criminality as comprehensible and
permissible to the children of immigrants, and thrust them away from our
polite society, which we might believe alone to be acceptable and righteous,
do we not force them into being, if not our enemies, our deadly rivals
within our own land?

Who should be blamed for such a thing? Shall we say simple economic forces,
bad political decisions made by incompetent bureaucrats? I say not. Of old,
it would be easy, and acceptable, to simply state (and be believed
therewith) that this is the power of Satan afoot in the land... but that's
too simplistic and has no bearing nor import in a rational age. But is this
indeed a rational age?

The distrust of a strong planetary government is well-based. In the absence
of a rival power to one's own nation, one could never expect the traditional
end to tyranny, which is invasion by a power not brought to its knees by
disaffection of the masses for its government, an invasion welcomed and
joined by those who have too-often felt the whip of their tyrant. But it can
also be reasoned that whatever the inequities brought about by any
government, no matter that it be world-wide, eventually the powerful would
recognize that their profits would be better enhanced by the enfranchisement
of their workers, and power best maintained when supported by the love of
the people. Under such a government, everyone would benefit, assuming that
this government was brought about as a Federal system with checks and
balances similar to those imposed by the US Constitution, and not imposed by
force from without. Under the latter possibility, I could see nothing but
cycles of insurrection and bloodshed to the end of time, unless of course,
the evolving technologies of genetic manipluation, neurologic chemicals, and
electrical-stimulation of the brain were brought into play to preserve the
domain of increasingly inhuman masters over increasingly inhuman subjects.

I submit that the ultimate goal of the New-World-Order is indeed the
situation described in the last sentence of the preceding paragraph. Instead
of the commonly-feared UN invasion of this country, that country, and
finally the US, CIS and PRC, I submit that the orchestrators of the NWO
intend to:

- foment divisions between the varying native or naturalized
  populations of various countries and recent immigrants;

- invade financial structures, particularly large ones, promoting downsizing
  of monolithic structures (increasing the vulnerability of any particular one
  in the face of coercion or absorption by a hitherto-unrevealed trust or
  combine of small financial institutions, organized in secret for
  single-shot operations);

- promote _any_ lifestyle, religion, attitude or political movement that is
  inherently reactionary, counter-reactionary, or divisive, up to an
  including schismatic religious beliefs such as animism, satanism,
  vampirism, _voudoun_, santaria - anything which detracts from cohesion,
  security, and commonly-held ethics and morals;

- foster pernicious divisive elitist ideologies among the professionally
  successful, the well-educated, the children of wealth, artists, and
  especially legal and medical professionals, who will be taught that anyone
  not of their caste is an inferior animal, whose needs are but a tool for
  their manipulation and degradation;

- promote, worldwide, unwinnable revolutions that cannot be resolved but
  which will continue to prop up antiquated military production industries
  while allowing diversions of funds into ever-more-arcane and despicable
  very-high technologies especially dedicated to individual monitoring,
  circumvention of law-enforcement detection and prosecution, behavior
  modification, alteration of personality, unshakeable indoctrination, etc.;

- promote anarchistic conditions as a necessary precursor to public
  acceptance of outsider interventions;

- promote the intelligentsia-as-enemy concept while glorifying
  impulsiveness, madness, addiction, and other animalistic destructive traits
  as desirable, thus arraying the intelligentsia against the masses,
  allowing for much simpler manipulation of the masses through the media.

_Politically_, the whole idea is _not_ to create a Planetary government, but
to increase the general level of _anarchy_ to the point where the
orchestrators of the NWO can easily carve out their own feifdoms. This is,
in short, a return to the feudal system, with a difference. _Industrially_,
_economically_, this is indeed to become a unified planet, with one medium
of exchange, the electronic exchange credit.

Locally, people will be told exactly what they need to know to operate their
one piece of equipment for which they'll be trained, lifelong, and which
they'll operate lifelong. Mass media will be banned, except as a means of
control. Educational television will not exist, nor will commercial
television. All television will be political, as will all other forms of
entertainment or activity, including reproduction. People will locally
manufacture components of devices which will be assembled in various
facilities, with the products marketed worldwide, much as they are today,
but the concept of a start-up company, except as a gift from one of the
elite to one of their children, will be a banned concept.

The simple political fact is this: The NWO people are _feudalists_,
industrial feudalists perhaps, but feudalist nonetheless. The concurrent
fact is that this conspiracy, or outlook or awareness, if you will, is pretty
old, possibly dating in some respects back to the Roman times, but most
likely originating, or perhaps blossoming, about the time that Columbus
returned from the West Indies.

If you want to know who might be a promoter of a New-World-Order? Anyone
who's taking actions that would lead to some of the above-mentioned

_Feudalism cannot possibly exist conterminous with a frontier._ That's _all_
that this is about. That is why this is called the One-World conspiracy, not
because the intent is to unite the planet under one government, but because
the aim is to forever remove all frontiers, including the frontier of space,
as the frontier is the historical escape zone for those fleeing tyranny. The
New-World-Order is to be a new order of baronies and feifs, with
techno-peasants slaving at the factories, often producing the mechanisms by
which they will be controlled.

So what can be done to prevent this? Forget the UNAbomber's solutions;
reducing us to the level of the primitive can only promote complete
uncomprehension of the basics of technology by the masses. Since the elite
would of course maintain and develop their technology, the technical gap
between the haves and the have-nots would quickly become insurmountable,
with those in possession of high technology assuming the role of wizards
over the common folk. Human nature being what it is, and allowing for a
techno-feudalist society, those who will lord it over those whom they have
enchatteled will come to see themselves as akin to gods, and given the
technical differences between those who cannot even make their own
antibiotics and those who control the food-supply, the education, the
application of skill and even the very DNA and minds, _they might well come
to assume that role_, despicable as such a thought might be.

Beware, beware... this is the primary goal.

We certainly can't let the once-cohesive mainstream culture go completely
adrift under the direction of such demonic directives. We must:

- Strive for a unary education of all citizens of this planet, starting with
  our own backyard. We will use American English, the language of technology,
  of international communications, and this immense, difficult, and
  incredibly adaptable and beautiful language will become the basis of our
  own New World Order.

- Strive to educate everyone as far as their minds will bear them. "Never
  Stop Learning". Anyone who decries a person's desire for an education,
  anyone who ridicules intelligence, these people should be severely
  questioned as to their motives. Maybe they really would rather people were
  stupid and easy misled? Why? How would they benefit?

- Promote mainstream, well-reasoned non-denominational values. I think that
  the Ten Commandments of the Bible are a good starting point, though some
  might prefer that specific religions' ideas should be downplayed, in favor
  of gaining aceptance for morals and ethics that are universal.

- Promote an awareness of human evolution, if not in the scientific sense,
  certainly in the social sense. No matter where one might believe man
  originated, one must admit that people's ways and societies have changed
  radically over recorded history. We must always remember that we are
  changing, and can be changed, and have in the past been changed by cabals
  and conspiracies of all sizes, and we must be aware that such might well
  occur in the future. So we must ourselves become no cabal, but an open
  organization openly dedicated to uplifting ourselves and our fellows.

- Analyze and predict future strategies by which the Techno-Feudalists will
  attempt to divide and conquer. WE MUST BE PROACTIVE. SIMPLE REACTION MAKES

- Teach our children that physical isolationism or social withdrawal only
  make us targets. We will be much more effective as a distributed
  population not easily killed wholesale as have been all too many of those
  opposed to encroachments on their liberties. We must, like the early
  Christians, assume the moral high-ground, but as the Old Sergeant says:
  keep your ass down.

- Remember, always remember.... There is a variety of _excellent_ reasons
  that this movement should be given the name of Vampire Killer. Should my
  most horrific prophecy come to pass, your grandchildren will be mere feifs
  in the demesne of some lord or count who may decend on you at any time,
  simply because your grandchildren have been bred to have organs of the
  same rejection-profile as does the count or lord. And technology being
  what it already is, and all too easily could become, the count might just
  press a switch on a radio transmitter in his pocket, and you will fall
  asleep when the implant in your skull picks up the signal and translates
  it into a current in your sleep center. Given the level of trends of
  certain technologies, and the rate at which these technologies are being
  thrust upon us, despite massive complaint, keeping in mind that some of
  these technologies are already in use in other countries (Mexico is the
  liver-transplant capital of the world), don't think it can't happen here.

In closing, let me merely ask that all who have eyes, let them see, and let
them not be slow in sharing their vision. And let those who have ears, let
them speak quietly in close and trusted counsel. And let those who will
share the vision, and those who have been in close counsel, let them select
their wisest to quietly develop plans to keep us all free from a very
probable future of hyperscientific yet animalistic domination of the
technical oligarchy over the vast unwashed masses of the technically
illiterate masses.

Please stop arguing this point and that. See what you're pretending to look
at... and let's place the stake and trip these
bloodsuckers-of-the-human-spirit before your grandkids grow up illiterate on
their lord's estate, waiting for him to come take a heart, liver, or all
eight pints of blood.