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Horror, anyone? A little conspiracy theory maybe? What's it going to be this time, alien invaders slowly infiltrating our civilization? Which kind of aliens? Loathsome parasitic creatures that infest people, turning them into the mindless walking dead? Or holographically-disguised deononychid Reptoids fighting secret wars with holographically-disguised insectile Mantids in the secret underground warrens of Washington, DC and the suburbs while an ignorant America sleeps unawares? Or how about the kind of aliens that just fill your skull with all sorts of weird alien tech and then let you do all of the dirty work for them?

Maybe you're more into vampyric horror. We've got that too, but believe me, I'd worry more about the aliens. The vampires just want to nibble on you, the aliens want you - all of you. And they want your country. And they want your world.

Maybe you want something sort of like werewolves? Glad to oblige.

Perhaps a more "realistic" conspiracy, with cast-off ex-KGB long-term operatives in Central America organizing the losers of assorted Latin-American wars and insurrections into an enemy that's already all around you? Could never happen of course.

Fiction by T.J Hardman, Jr.

Steal any of this and I'll sue you until even your lawyer screams for mercy.

The Call. This is the opening chapter of a piece that I somehow didn't have the heart to finish - I could feel it beginning to churn nastily in the nether recesses of my imagination. God only knows where it could have led... or may still lead. I admit that if someone bought me a few cases of beer and a couple of bags of groceries, I could probably finish it up in relatively record time.

Wires. Why do some people have such funny shaped heads and why do they all act so strangely? This is the start of a creepy alien-invasion story that I'd like to be paid to finish.

Worms (Unfinished). My own homegrown start at a sort of Night of the Living Dead. Short, unfinished.

Transgenic Plague (Unfinished). This is fairly disgusting. It was a really bad dream so I wrote it down and it hasn't bothered my any more, at least not until now when I just re-read it.


Maybe some more mainstream near-future SF? More of a fictionalized projection of things to come, a fairly close analysis of current trends.

In The Fall
my new novel

In the Fall - In any civilization, there comes a time when everything falls down - and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. This is very mainstream, very political science-fiction, and fairly nearterm. This is an intensely-hyperlinked novel, so don't be surprised if it forces you, like all good science-fiction, to learn something. This is, by the way, intended to be a future history that you should learn lest you be condemned to live it. Some of the future described here is partly the "good life" - and you'll be seeing very much of what's described in your own life soon. That's what I do - I predict the near future sufficiently well for astute readers to make millions through timely sizable investments. But heed my warnings - before your civilization Falls. Still under construction, sorta.


My Lobotomy Scars Are Infected - a prose poem, sorta.
Litany of the Engineers. Teach your children.

Please see this excellent page, Writers' Beware, from the Science Fiction Writers Association.

The Case of the Woodside Literary Agency. Don't even think of using these guys as your agents. Read to find out why!

Concerned about your intellectual property rights? So is the World Intellectual Property Organization.

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