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Christian Churches:

Mennonite Faith.
The Mennonites are a variety of Christian Churches who, generally speaking, don't believe in infant baptism. Also, they are generally pacifist, and don't recognize civil authority nor hold civil office. This general group has many sub-groups, including the Amish.
Presbyterian Churches:
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
Presbyterian Church (USA).
Reformed Presbyterian Church.




Aish HaTorah.
InterFaith Family.
Jewish Family & Life!.
Jewish Holidays.
Jewish Communications Network.
Virtual Jerusalem.
Virtual Chanukah.

Non-denominational Faiths:

Unitarian Universalist Organization.
"The Unitarian Church" - "Affirming the inherent worth and dignity of every person."
See also - Paganism & Neo-Paganism.

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Faith & Worship

Humanity is, some say, primarily separated from the animals by its spirituality. There are thousands of belief systems by which mankind orders its perceptions of mankind's relationship to the Self and the Other.

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