Copyright (c) (copr) all rights reserved by TJH Internet SP and Earth Operations Central. All comments are strictly my unsupported opinion unless based upon promotional blurb extracted from the websites linked herein. This is by no means an exhaustive nor definitive list. Access these sites at your own risk, they may be tasteless or offensive, and are listed only because they are noteworthy, interesting, or notorious.

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Entertainment & Diversions

Internet -
CubeWorld. A fairly weird site, evidently devoted to maintaining a presence on the cutting edge of technophilic weirdness.
Dreamscape Online Entertainment is a web-host site that offers, among other things, the Knowledge Explorer Centre, the Shares Visions Arts Gallery, and The Vancouver Scene.
Facade " the premiere designer of interactive attractions on the Internet... offer[ing] free readings using Tarot, Runes, the I Ching, and Biorhythms. Recent additions to the available methods of divination are Bibliomancy and Stichomancy. If you'd prefer a less esoteric thrill, Cindy Crawford Concentration may be the distraction that you seek. "
iGuide: the Internet Entertainment Guide. An excellent on-line resource for your entertainment needs!
Riverland. This is a fairly huge Belgian site that may "break" your browser depending on how much memory you have, but it's worth a look! Internet-TV and everything.
Toasted. Online news delivery, internet games, assorted other amusements such as the "You Don't Know Jack" quiz-show.

Mainstream/Broadcast -

TourDates.Com lists shows and clubs!

Entertainment Weekly.
See the Media Page.
Online Magazines.
RadioSpace. This site is run by the North American Network, Inc., a radio broadcast agency that provides news and programming to radio stations and organizations.
TV Net Lobby.
The Ultimate TV List: WWW Pages Resource List. Want to find the Web pages for fan clubs for almost every TV series ever aired?
VIACOM. Big time television, film, and cable. Major money, major talent, major productions. MTV, VH1, Paramount, Blockbuster video, wowsers.

Broderbund Software. The makers of Myst, mong other things, including educational software.
Electronic Arts.
Spectrum Holobyte, Inc. (Microprose). Game titles include " the Star Trek: The Next GenerationTM series of simulated storytelling products; the popular World Circuit RacingTM brand of racing sim titles, Falcon® and F-15 Strike Eagle®, leaders in the category of air combat simulation, award-winning strategy games, including Civilization® and ColonizationTM, the X-COMTM series, and the Top GunTM brand of action flying games. All of the company's titles are marketed under the MicroProse brand name. Spectrum HoloByte is also creating software for use on the Sony PlayStationTM. "
Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. "The Premiere Name in Casino Entertainment.".

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