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Education! What more need be said? Our species are defined by our reliance on culture. Without culture, the body of knowledge which is passed from one generation to the other, we are little more than particularly weak hairless apes. Our intelligence is useful only insofar as it can develop solutions to our daily problems and without culture, each of us must develop those solutions independently, and due to the short span of human life, most of us would never get past the stage of learning to carry pointed sticks for defense.

Education is the technique by which we pass our body of knowledge to the next generation. As the body of knowledge has evolved, so has the process and profession of education.

Educators, Educational Associations & Commentary/Review

Academy of Educational Development. Researches and assists in development of educational and development programs. Please see their list of Projects with Homepages - it's quite an impressive list of educational development projects.
American Council on Education. ACE is dedicated to the belief that equal educational opportunity and a strong higher education system are essential cornerstones of a democratic society.
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academe Today.

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