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What is a cult?

Watchman Fellowship's 1997 Index of Cults and Religions.

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Read about the potentially-extremely-dangerous Counter-Cult cult.

Church of Scientology

First and Foremost, please see Operation ClamBake - the premiere resource for information regarding Scientology.

Secondly, please see another fountain of wisdom regarding Scientology, EnTheta Net.

A. Lerma's Scientology Page. This guy does not like Scientology, seems they had the cops bust into his house and steal his computer and things like that.
Citizens' Coalition on Human Rights. The Church of Scientology is opposed to psychiatry. This site is dedicated to exposing the evils of psychiatry as seen by the Chursh of Scientology.
John Atacks's Scientology Page.
Scientology Home Page from the Scientologists themselves.
Church of Scientology vs. the Net. Very informative, with lots of links.
BOFH $cientology page. Well-linked, and these guys take the attitude that the Co$ is a criminal organization, a popular view in Europe, I might add.

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