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Industrial Automation

Manufacturing Systems Integration Division - National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Instrumentation & Controls Division - Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Plant Information & Process Control Systems

Bentley Systems, Inc. Try looking at their Products Page.They not only do process control and plant infosystems, but also have a comprehensive line of CAD and graphics systems for engineering.
Honeywell Inc. "company's founding in 1885 with the invention of the automatic thermostat control for home heating, to today's position as a global leader in control technology. Honeywell control solutions provide products, systems and services that increase comfort, protect the environment, conserve energy and enhance productivity and safety in homes & buildings, industry and aviation & space. "
Industrial Automation & Control - Honeywell.
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company has the "World's best process-equipment database".
M&M Electric. Process and machine controls.
Rockwell Automation. Huge.
Other Automation Technologies

Building Management -
Delta Controls makes a range of control-systems products for automating buildings. Proper control of such utilities as lighting, HVAC and heating, etc, makes for a more efficient and eco-friendly building.
Johnson Controls, Inc (Controls Group)., makes the MetasysŪ Facility Management Systems, controlling lighting, security and air systems.
Electronics Assembly Processes -
DataLogic makes very interesting automatic identification products.
Parvus Corporation makes scalable PC104 embedded solutions boards that are ideal for either wearable-computer or compact automation uses. At the time of this entry, they make the smallest Pentium systems in the world.
Universal Instruments. UI makes a rather amazing array of robotic/automated equipment for electronics manufacturing processes.


Center for Microgravity Automation Technology (CMAT). A subdivision of the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, CMAT seeks to advance the potential of space-based industrial processes.

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