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This page presently exists to provide linkages to a lot of places that might ordinarily be a great many Web-hops away from each other, sort of providing an easy-surfing "tube" in the thrashing waves of the great sea of cyberspace. This image-intensive page is attached to quite a few mostly-text pages (about 200 or so). Most of the links to other pages are listed in the header below.

Glad you could stop in.

So is the extremely endangered Learn more about the endangered Cheetah.Cheetah who, if sentient, would like you to find out more about him (National Zoo project). Click on the picture of the world's fastest mammal for more information. So far as I know, the really quite dog-like cheetah is the world's only readily trainable cat, and the Hindic subspecies has been used as a royal hunting cat since times immemorial. They are considered to be one of the few large predators which will not attack Men.

Also endangered, and worthy of our help, is the Gorilla.Please see this list of links!

A Bug-Report that may have become a movie..."bugs"

Take a look at some links which deal with personal privacy in an online age.
Take Back your Data! You should be very concerned about privacy in your medical records. Outgoing President Clinton has thankfully greatly restricted the ease with which people can access your medical data, but much remains to be done.
Feeling bugged? More bugs (of the other kind).

Real Links to Real Things

Your Link to Major
Weirdness!Weirdness. Everything weird, from UFOs to the Nuclear Blast Archives.

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Military links.

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The NATO Gopher.
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Website!NATO Web
Allied Command Atlantic (ACLANT)
Other NATO Servers
The Defense Department's BosniaLINK

The Americans with Disabilities Act

Get a copy of the Office of Technology Assessment's Report on the Americans with Disabilities Act and its impact on employment for persons with psychiatric disabilities. It's in a WordPerfect5.1 Zipfile. Lots of good information about disclosure, etc. Or see it as intensely-linked Enhanced HTML!

Also please see the MicroSystems Handiware and MAGic Page. They have some excellent hardware and software products for the disabled, including morse-code alternatives to keyboards, on-screen keyboard emulator, text-to-speech aids, software screen magnification and much more.

If you know of someone with a learning disability, who nonetheless would like to attend college, please see The Landmark College.

Federal Links

Office of the Architect of the Capitol

Let's go Downtown to Washington DC!

Want to know what the heck is up with The District of Columbia?

FedWorld. Most definitely give this a try. Under heavy construction.
Government WebPages Directory.
Congressional Budget Office - lots of facts here!

Smithsonian Institute. America's premiere virtual museum.

Or don't bother to go downtown. The War appears to have moved entirely to the suburbs.

DC Community Link

Get yourself a Lawyer. Believe me, if you're in the Local Washington DC PoliticsWashington DC Area, you'll need at least one.

Sometimes it's friendly and comforting. Sometimes it's just...
Scary Stories, etc

Here are some short stories, some scary things I wrote when I was into gothic science fiction. Yes, there is such a thing.

Strangers in Town I vant to scare your socks off and make you wonder exactly who is spending your tax money. There's even a screenplay version. If you're in or near the District, keep your eyes open - and you'll get to see the story enacted! (or some variation thereupon.)
Are You Deserving? Slightly adult. My take on the 80s club scene, I guess. Please read it if you're over 21.
Interlude I, by yours truly. Scary stuff, I hope, and not intended for kids. Actually, it was designed to terrify any cop with a brain and a willingness to believe that there might be some things they don't yet know about. And it's getting read a lot, over 75,000 copies served. Thanks! Incidentally, this was written way before Waco. Anyone reading this might also like to read another story.

Sick of the same old tired politics in the USA? Please take a look at the

Radical Center American Party. Not Democrat, nor Republican, nor Green, nor Libertarian, the Radical Center is somewhere outside of the usual spectrum of American politics. This website and the RCAP need your help to grow into "What America Needs".

Other People's Pages

I started this on the theory that other people doubtless have their own occasionally obscure and bizarre interests, or a different set of mundane interests, and have doubtless explored entirely different regions of the NETS, recording their travels and establishing links.

I also have a page dedicated to Weirdness not of my own making.

I hate to admit it, but I am after all a guy and if I wasn't even remotely interested in attractive young women, you'd have to wonder about me. Here ya go, a page listing other people's Pages of Worship for assorted young screen goddesses.

Other Fiction
Warning... much of the material referenced after this point is fictional in nature... or is it?

Be forewarned. I write and I'm fairly imaginative. So if things seem to be a touch... skewed, it's just my creativity working overtime. You should hope so, anyway.

My Lobotomy Scars Are Infected. (a very short story.)

Also see The Electric Pen, a fine listing of online writings.

If you really like horror stories on the Web, Here is a great listing!.

S.P. Somtow has a very interesting page! Also try here.

The War

The Third-World Order Insurgents are Taking Over!

Surely you've heard of the Third World Order?

Statistics: Nobody has ever seen this. You're the first. Aren't you proud?

Sad to say, since I stopped posting inflamatory trolls in assorted newsgroups such as dc.general, my site-hits have suffered incredibly. Where I used to move some 600 hits per week of Interlude I, now I'm lucky to get 20 hits a week. The Rohypnol Alert Page is still getting a lot of hits, though, and I expect that a to remain a big-seller so long as that coercive chemical abounds on our streets and in our schools. Also, I get a lot of hits on my Ketamine Page. Insanely, I get a fairly large number of hits on my Washington: Not a Pretty Site (nor sight) Page, and also the HTML version of the Office of Technology Assessment's White-Paper on the ADA and psychiatric disabilities continues to move well.

I am, however, very disappointed that few people seem to visit any of my metaindex pages, which lead to subpages full of links to Business, Computing, Military/Intelligence and Preparedness, many pages on the Sciences, or my fairly huge list of internet sites of interest in North America and abroad. Sadly, as near as I can tell, I am about the only person who ever visits my fairly-extensive page, The Homeworld: Earth. It's absolutely crammed with links to various private and public agencies and groups who do a fantastic job of providing you with whatever you want to know about the world on which you live.

Please give me a reason to keep building this site! Please see one of the sadly-underused pages above. Thanks!

You can, if you'd like, see the Statistics for this Server.

Who the heck is responsible for all of this mess?

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klaatu, The Day the Earth Stood Still