A newsgroup created for real-life vampires - however you define them - or for people who just have an interest in real life vampirism.

Something Wicked This Way Comes....
Rae Black

I visit the newsgroup every now and again - otherwise I spend a lot of time working on various websites, writing poetry and stories, painting bad pictures and traveling. I'm a practicing Witch currently living in the MidWest of the US of A and am always looking for new and fascinating things to learn. I love planes, trains and fast automobiles and going places. I love the Wild West where there's slow curving, uncrowded highways with high speed limits and you can see for miles. I'm mainly just a seeker of information and wisdom and quietly pay attention to any information thrown my way.

I have many, many websites and I've listed a few below:
The Crystal Cauldron
Belladonna's Crypt
The Phallus Phantasm - Adult Content

May Something Wicked Come Your Way ...

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