A newsgroup created for real-life vampires - however you define them - or for people who just have an interest in real life vampirism.

My net i.d. is Jaidn Conklin, though this looks like it might be my real name it is not. Jaidn comes from a Star Trek episode and Conklin was Catherine's last name in my favourite Vampire film 'The Addiction'. Sorry that like Chiller I have used a doctored picci, I guess I like to be a little mysterious, at times.

I am what is known as a Psi Vampire, though this term is misleading. It dose not mean that I have psychic abilities - I don't. I do have a little empathic ability, and though practice and observation I augment this with being able to read body language, so a lot of what might seem impressive empathic ability is in fact me being observant.

I have only been on-line since March (1999) and it is only in that time that I have started to interact with others. Though I am a goth I think I would have been anyway, and I am not that much of a goth so...

I run a web site Claustrophobia which is full of rubbish. I play in two bands at the moment, one does not do any thing, the other - D'Jarra - is more of a solo project. I am supposed to be recording an e.p at the moment, literally I am writing this when I should be working.

As for my proper work I am a theatre technician though I am presently unemployed.

I also run Jaidn's Vampire Bulletin Board service.

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