A newsgroup created for real-life vampires - however you define them - or for people who just have an interest in real life vampirism.

My name is C'iana. I am a Sang-Psi Vampire. You can find me, most times in my sanctuary, reading and writing poetry. I absolutely love Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare. I am a practicing Taoist. I am a collector of medieval weapons (especially swords. I have a beautiful Scottish Claymore in my Dining Room), old books, and interesting glass work. During the day I am a CPC coder tech for a cardiothoracic-vascular surgeon (how appropriate?) and Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher at night in my school near my home on the East Coast of the USA. And the love of my life is a Red, 1999 Pontiac Firebird. She's fast. Nothing like being close to heaven and dying fast...

"Reality, I suggested, might be merely what each one of us says it is. Does that idea make you feel lonely?"
(Von Beck by Michael Moorcock)

Eternal Happiness and Love to All!

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